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In the mystical world of Haven, one character stands out among the rest - Duke Crocker. A roguish charmer with a knack for being in the wrong places, he's known for his devil-may-care attitude and a certain unfortunate habit: a tendency to throw up at the most inopportune moments. Here is a fan-fiction tale, told with humor, about this well-loved character.

Haven - A Brief Peek

Haven is a supernatural drama, originally a television show, based upon the Stephen King novel, 'The Colorado Kid'. The show explores the strange incidents that regularly occur in the small town of Haven, Maine. The narrative follows an FBI agent, Audrey Parker, who finds herself inexorably drawn to the town's mysteries.

Haven fanfiction duke puking

One character that plays a significant role in the universe is Duke Crocker. Owner of a boat, 'The Grey Gull' and a man with a darkly colorful past. Despite being quite the cynic, he is, in essence, a good man...with just one tiny issue. He has a troubling susceptibility to puking - quite a lot and often at crucial times.

The Tale - Duke's Dreadful Day

Bad luck was not uncommon in Haven, and Duke often seemed to be at the receiving end of it. This story takes us through one of Duke's most peculiar bad luck days, involving a series of unfortunate events, culminating in one hell of a upchuck.

His day started with being mistaken for a thief, followed by a chase by the Haven police. Just when Duke thinks he has escaped, he inadvertently knocks into a hive of exotic bees, causing a painful sting and severe allergic reactions, including a rather nauseating bout of vomiting.

Duke's Dark Secret

While slapstick humor abounds in the story, it also subtly hints at deeper issues. Duke's tendency to puke is not simply an unfortunate quirk - but is something much darker, linked to the stress and anxiety of his hectic life in Haven.

This makes the vomit an interesting metaphor. It is as if he is trying to purge himself of all the tension, the dark curse that plagues his bloodline, and the constant fear of losing his loved ones.

The Hardship in Humor

Despite its humor, this fanfiction tale does highlight the enormous amount of stress Duke is under. It greatly affects his health, represented by his constant puking. Yet, he is steadfast, trying to protect his city and loved ones.

His character is not just comically clumsy but also noble and resilient, making his occasional misfortunes and subsequent bouts of puking both hilarious and heartbreakingly poignant.


Duke is often physically illustrated by his roguish charm - hidden behind his roguish grin you'll find an unyielding spirit dealing with the harsh realities of a grappling town. The humor weaved in this shadowy saga of Haven makes Duke's misadventures, ticks, and subsequent puking even more endearing, causing readers to chuckle in spite of the sobering undertone.


1. Why was the character of Duke created in Haven?
Duke adds a humorous, flawed yet deeply humane character to Haven. His complexity enriches the narrative.

2. Why does Duke puke so much in this fanfiction story?
Duke's puking is a physical manifestation of his internal struggles, adding a layer of depth to his character.

3. Does Duke appear often in the original 'Haven' series?
In the original series, Duke appears as a main character, and his presence significantly shapes the storyline.


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