How ao3 counts hits fanfiction reddit


AO3, or Archive of Our Own, is an open-source website dedicated to hosting fanfiction and other forms of fan art. It operates under the Organization for Transformative Works and hosts over 2 million users, many of whom are fan fiction authors. The platform gives authors their own space to share their works and create a fan base.

The hit counting mechanism of AO3 has seen various speculations and confusions on platforms like reddit. This article will detail how AO3 counts hits on fanfiction, as this topic surfaced mainly on Reddit and other online fanfiction forums.

How ao3 counts hits fanfiction reddit

How AO3 Counts Views or Hits

To understand the hit counting mechanism, it's important to note that AO3 counts a 'hit' every time a work (chapter) is accessed, regardless of whether the reader is logged in. This includes viewers who aren't logged in, but does not include the author.

However, multiple views from the same user on the same day only count as a single hit. This count is reset daily, meaning a single user could rack up multiple hits over consecutive days. AO3 uses the IP address to identify unique users, helping to prevent inflated view counts.

Discrepancies in Hit Counts

There have been discrepancies regarding the AO3 hit count, mostly with the website seemingly showing more hits than expected. This could be due to various reasons such as multiple views from different devices, visits from non-logged users, or bots crawling the website.

AO3 has clarified that the algorithm used for counting views is complex, and sometimes even a single view from a different browser can be counted as a new hit. As for bots, AO3 experts use various techniques to identify real users versus bots, but it’s not a perfect system.

AO3 Hits and Kudos

The ratio between hits and kudos also seems to puzzle authors. While a high hit count with low kudos may feel off-putting, it’s important to remember that not every reader will leave a kudo or comment. Additionally, AO3 does not limit the number of hits a viewer can give over time, unlike kudos which can only be given once by a user.

Influence of Social Media

A certain amount of hits might originate from social media links. The website counts views generated through external links. Therefore, authors who share their works on platforms like Twitter, Tumblr or Reddit may see a surge in their hit counts.

Role of Tags and Fandoms

A story's tags and fandoms could also greatly impact its hit count. Certain tags and fandoms attract more readers than others, meaning the stories belonging to these categories would naturally get more hits.

Understanding AO3 Statistics

The AO3 platform provides detailed statistics to authors, including hits, kudos, comments, bookmarks, and subscriptions. These stats give you a clearer understanding of your readership and your work's popularity.

Remember that focusing too much on these numbers isn’t healthy. It's advised to consider the joy and passion you derive from writing before considering the stats.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I view who has visited my work on AO3?
No, AO3 doesn't provide user information on who visited your works due to privacy reasons. It only provides the number of hits.

2. Why does my AO3 work have more hits than kudos?
Remember that not every viewer chooses to leave a kudo or comment. There's no set ratio between hits and kudos, and a high hit count with low kudos is often normal.

3. Can my own views inflate the hit count on AO3?
No, AO3 doesn’t count authors�views on their own works. This prevents inflation of hit counts.


The hit counting mechanism in Archive of Our Own is insightful for many authors to track their work's popularity. However, it is also a source of conflicting views on platforms like reddit. By remembering that hits aren't an ultimate measure of the quality of your work, you can focus more on expressing your creativity and less on figures.


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