How are babies made ace attorney fanfiction


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, a series that contains detective court dramas, and is well-known for its stand-out characters, intricate plot twists, and humorous yet serious tone. This professionally written fanfiction uses the universe and characters of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to explore an oft-neglected but ubiquitous aspect of life: how are babies made?

1. Real-Life Biology vs. Ace Attorney World

The first aspect to consider is how to reconcile real-life biology with the fantasy elements of Ace Attorney. For instance, any discussion of reproduction must consider Spirit Channeling, an ability only some characters possess that allows them to call upon the dead. Despite the fantastical elements, the narrative stays grounded in reality with detailed depictions of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

How are babies made ace attorney fanfiction

2. Character Interactions

Given the varied cast of Ace Attorney, character interactions play a key role in the narrative. How does Phoenix, a successful attorney, handle the prospect of becoming a father? How would his long-time assistant Mia Fey react and support him? The relationships between the characters are explored with depth, adding both humor and emotional weight to the story.

3. Legal and Ethical Implications

As Ace Attorney is fundamentally a law-based series, the fanfiction weaves legal and ethical implications into the storyline. For instance, it explores laws around child rights and parental responsibilities, as well as the ethical dilemmas faced by those involved in the process of baby-making, like co-parenting agreements and surrogacy.

4. Consequences and Changes

The story doesn't shy away from showing the changes and consequences of having a child. It explores how pregnancy might impact a high-stakes career like Phoenix Wright's, the social ramifications for unmarried parents, the changes in personal lives, among others, thereby sticking true to the game’s realistic take on life and relationships.

5. The Trials

Just as criminal trials are a central theme in the game series, the fanfiction incorporates them into its narrative. Some are literal legal battles, while others are metaphorical trials faced by the characters as they navigate the complexities of parenthood.

6. The Power of Evidence: Pregnancy Tests and More

Whether it's a crucial piece of evidence in a court case or a positive pregnancy test, the narrative uses tangible items to build suspense and shift the direction of the story, which is a signature aspect of Ace Attorney.

7. Use of Humor

The humour in Ace Attorney is legendary, and this fanfiction attempts to capture it. From playful banter to absurd courtroom scenarios, the story keeps its tone light and engaging despite its serious theme.

8. Exploring Parenthood

The story outlines the journey of different characters as they explore parenthood, with its trials and tribulations. It gives readers a glimpse into the softer side of Phoenix Wright as he reshapes his life around his new role as a father.

Common Questions

Q1. Is real-life biology necessary for such a fanfiction?
A1. While Ace Attorney has its own elements of fantasy, grounding the narrative in real-life biology gives the story a sense of reality, which readers can relate to.

Q2. How is humor maintained despite the serious topics?
A2. The humor of Ace Attorney often comes from its absurd situations and witty dialogues. The fanfiction attempts to capture the same essence, making the story both entertaining and thoughtful.

Q3. Can such fanfiction appeal to all fans of diverse age groups?
A3. Yes, this type of fanfiction can appeal to a wide audience. However, due to its themes, it may be more appreciated by adult fans.


This fanfiction demonstrates how an engaging narrative can be built around the concept of baby-making using the vast world of Ace Attorney. It honors the legacy of Ace Attorney by staying true to its original tone: a blend of humor, drama, and mystery. It symbolizes the potential that fanfictions hold, offering readers a respectful extension of the plot themes they've come to love.


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