How do you delete an account from

2024-04-15 is a website and app that allows fans to write and share their own stories based on characters, settings, and events from popular movies, books, TV shows, and more. This popular platform acts as a hub for fan-created content, fostering a thriving community of writers and readers. However, if you've ever wondered how to delete an account from, the process isn't straightforward. Here's a detailed guide on how to do it.

Understand Account Deletion

It's crucial to understand that when you decide to delete your account from, there will be non-reversible results such as losing access to your username, past stories, favorites, and reviews. Thus, it's best to be absolutely certain about your decision.

How do you delete an account from

As per regulations, after you delete your account, your username can never be reused by you or anyone else. This effectively means that any identification tied to your previously owned username will be permanently erased.

Back-Up Your Stories

Before starting the account deletion process, ensure you have a back-up of all your stories. You can copy them into a Word document or any other text editor. You may also opt to download your stories using the Story Downloader app, which offers a seamless way to store your beloved creations offline.

Remember that once deleted, it is near impossible to retrieve your stories from the platform. Hence, numerous authors choose to publish their work on other platforms like Wattpad or Archive of Our Own when deciding to leave

Delete Your Stories and Reviews

Before you decide to delete your account, you should delete all your stories and reviews. This could be a taxing process if you've been an active participant in the community.

To do this, you need to log into your account and click on each story individually. In the 'Manage Stories' section, select 'Delete Story.' You'll be prompted for a confirmation to ensure it wasn't an accidental click.

Remove Personal Information does not allow users to directly delete their account. Therefore, one of the steps to deactivate your account is to remove any personal information associated with it. This may include your location, email, and any other personal data you may have included in your bio.

Under the 'Account Settings' section, go to the 'Profile' tab, clear all fields holding your personal data and replace them with random words or a phrase such as 'Account Deactivated.'

Contacting Support

Given's no account deletion policy, contacting the website's support team through the 'Help' section may not effect account deletion, but can help you remove some components like submitted reviews.

The published works are seen as public ownership, hence cannot be deleted unless they violate the rules and guidelines. But the support team can guide you through anonymizing your account, thereby safeguarding your data.

Final Steps

Finally, head to 'Account Settings' and change your email to a random account that you don't use, and make sure to change your password one last time to something you won't remember. This will make sure that you can't log back into your account and further protect your privacy.

Your account isn't deleted but effectively deactivated. Your username will remain linked with any discussions and forum posts, but personal information, stories, and reviews will be wiped from the platform.


Q: Can I reuse my deleted username?

A: No, once a username is deleted, it is deemed unavailable for reuse by

Q: Can I retrieve my deleted stories?

A: Once deleted, stories cannot be retrieved. It's advised to back up your stories before initiating the account deletion process.

Q: Can delete my account if I contact their support?

A: No, does not allow account deletion, but they can help you anonymize your account.


Conclusively, deleting an account from isn't a straightforward process but more of an account deactivation procedure. While you do retain some control over your content and personal information, the platform's policies won't allow for a complete deletion. It's a lengthy process ensuring that your personal data and intellectual property are removed from the site.

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