How do you leave a review on fanfiction

2024-04-11 is one of the largest and most popular fan fiction websites today. It gives avid readers and writers of fan fiction a platform to post or read narratives revolving around their favorite books, films, series, bands, etc. An essential feature of the website is the ability to leave reviews for the stories read, a process that offers the author constructive criticism, engagement, and a sense of community. Although the process seems straightforward, it requires understanding, tact, and a good sense of detail. This guide breaks down the steps on how to leave a review on

Locating The Story

Before you can leave a review, you need to find a story first. provides several options, including browsing by category, using the search field, or viewing the latest updates. Just make sure to choose a story suitable to your comfort zone and interests. Doing so makes the review process more engaging, passionate and authentic as you are more likely to give a sincere appraisal.

How do you leave a review on fanfiction

Reading The Story

After choosing the story, take the time to read it critically. Understand the plot of the story, the characterization, pacing, structure, and language use. It helps to jot down or highlight specific points you wish to refer to in your review. Being able to cite specific instances in your review shows your attention to detail and validates your feedback.

Navigating to The Review Section

Once you complete reading the story, navigate to the review section. You will find the 'Review' button near the bottom of the last chapter or the 'Review this Story' option on the story's main page. Clicking on either option will take you to the section where you can leave your review.

Choosing Anonymity allows you to review as an anonymous reader or a registered member. As an anonymous reader, you can still leave a review, but the author won't be able to respond to your comments. On the other hand, reviewing as a registered member facilitates a two-way communication between you and the author.

Writing Constructive Feedback

In writing your review, keep it respectful and constructive. Offer suggestions for improvement rather than just listing down flaws or mistakes. Be specific in your critique and give praise where it's due. Remember to engage with the story and the author, rather than just pointing out errors.

Mitigating Spoilers

Ensure your review does not contain spoilers that could ruin the reading experience for other potential readers. If you want to refer to specific events in the story, use vague terms or ask the author to private-message you for more detailed discussions.

Reviewing Etiquette

When leaving a review, remember: everyone is a volunteer. Most authors are writing for fun or to improve their skills. Treat them with respect and understanding and remember that your constructive criticism should be just that: constructive. Avoid any harsh language or personal attacks on the author.

Submitting Your Review

Having written your review, you can now hit the 'Post Review' button below the text box. Be patient. It can take some time for your review to appear as they need to go through a moderation process for approval.

Common Questions

Why can't I post a review?

There are instances where an error message appears preventing you from posting your review. This is usually due to the presence of prohibited content in your comment, such as website URLs or profanity. Make sure to avoid issues like these to ensure your review is posted.

Can I edit my review after posting it?

No, does not allow the editing of already posted reviews. You should therefore proofread your review before hitting the 'Post Review' button to avoid any regrettable typos or errors.

Can I leave multiple reviews for the same story?

Yes, you can. For each chapter of a story you read, you are allowed to post one review. So, if you read a story with multiple chapters, you can certainly leave multiple reviews.


Reviews are a powerful tool in the community, and knowing how to leave a constructive review not only helps authors improve, but also builds positivity within the fandom. As you venture into this exciting world of fanfiction, do not forget to share your thoughts and opinions on the stories you read via reviews.


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