How do you report something on fanfiction net

2024-04-10, abbreviated as FFN, is one of the most extensive and well-established online platforms for fanfiction - that is, fictional stories written by fans about the characters, settings, or storylines from an original piece of work such as a movie, TV show or book. While can be a great tool for sharing and discovering creative writing, it is not exempt from users submitting inappropriate or plagiarized content. The site, understanding this, provides ways for its users to report such content.

2. User Guidelines and Rules

Before you decide to report something on, you need to know the rules and user guidelines set up by the site. The site prohibits explicit adult content, non-story, non-fiction and one-liners. Plagiarism and interactive, chat/script, or real person fiction are also not allowed. Knowing these rules will help you report the content that breaks these rules more effectively.

How do you report something on fanfiction net

3. Steps to Report a Story

To report a story, you first need to be logged into your account. After identifying the story you want to report, go to the specific story's page. At the bottom of the page, click on the link that says "Report Abuse". From there, you will be prompted to provide specific details about why the content should be removed.

4. Categories to Report

When reporting a story, you'll need to select the appropriate category. These categories include Adult content, Graphic violence, Non-story content, Spam or advertising, Plagiarism (including copying from another's profile/story without permission), Real person fiction, and Interactive/Chat/Script story.

Choosing the accurate category helps the staff of to understand the issue quickly and take actions accordingly. You may also provide additional explanation in the 'Reason for Report' box to further clarify your complaint.

5. How to Report a User

Reporting a user on is similar to reporting a story. From the user's profile page, click on 'Report abuse' at the bottom of the page. Select the appropriate category, and explain the reason for your report. Remember to provide as much information as possible for a smooth process.

6. Waiting for Investigation

Once you've submitted a report, it doesn't mean the reported content or user will be immediately removed or banned. staff will conduct a thorough investigation on each report to ensure fairness and accuracy. This process can take time, and you may not receive immediate feedback or result.

7. Confidentiality of Reports

Any information provided when reporting a story or user on is confidential. The reported user will not know who reported them, protecting the privacy of the person reporting the abuse.

8. Multiple Reports

Just because a story or user hasn't been removed after your report, doesn't mean you should repeatedly report them. Doing so won't speed up the process but may instead be considered harassment by the site. Be patient, and trust that your report is being taken seriously.

9. The Role of the Community

The community of plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and conducive environment for everyone. Reporting abusive content or users not only helps the site but also enables a healthier community. Misconduct, once reported, can prevent others from experiencing the same issue.

10. Using Report Tools Wisely

It's important to use the reporting tools on responsibly and wisely. Do not use them to target individuals or stories you simply do not like. Abuse of the reporting function can result in penalties, including the suspension of your own account.

Frequent Questions & Answers

Q: Can trace who reported a story or user?
A: No, all reports are confidential and anonymous. Q: I reported a story a week ago, but it's still there. What to do?
A: Be patient. Investigations take time, and not all reports result in immediate removal of content. Q: Can I report someone for sending me hateful private messages?
A: Yes, harassment, cyberbullying, or abusive behavior can be reported on


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