How harry potter should have ended fanfiction


Throughout our journey in J.K. Rowling's magical world of witches and wizards, we've seen our beloved characters combat everything from troll, snake, to the darkest wizard in recent history. The series's ending, while well-crafted and satisfying, left many fans wanting more. In this reimagining, we follow a more in-depth and speculative journey grounded in the realms of fanfiction. The universe may feel a bit different, but it teems with originality and nostalgia. The language expected is whimsical yet authoritative, with a hint of humor and a pinch of unexpected twists.

1. The Last Duel

In the closing chapters of Deathly Hallows, Harry's final showdown with Voldemort felt anti-climactic to some. This alternate ending would capitalize on a more emotionally charged confrontation. This time, Harry wouldn't just defend himself but take an active offensive role, showcasing his growth, knowledge, and bravery. Featuring more complex spells and a more significant emphasis on strategy and the role of wand cores, this duel would make fans clutch their copies a little closer.

How harry potter should have ended fanfiction

Rather than winning by a technicality of the Elder Wand's allegiance, this final confrontation should end in a draw with both spells colliding, causing an explosion that severely weakens both Harry and Voldemort. Severely weakened, Voldemort ultimately falls prey to the final blow of his own rebounding curse, metaphorically hoist with his own petard.

2. Death of Ron

The idea of Ron's death is controversial and emotionally distressing, but it adds a new layer to the story's intensity. This selfless act would be made in the battle at Hogwarts, wherein an altered timeline, Ron sacrifices himself to save Hermione. Devastating? Yes. But this grim prospect also serves as the catalyst for Harry's unyielding determination to bring about Voldemort's end.

His death would symbolize the disastrous impact of war on the lives of everyday individuals, illustrating the severity of their struggle and their resolve. This tragic reimagining injects a greater depth, reflecting on love's power, friendship, and sacrifice, which were central themes throughout the series.

15. Harry's Life After

In the original canon, we see a mature Harry wave off his son Albus at Platform 9 ¾. This version however, presents a unique view - Harry becomes the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. Inspired by the examples of Dumbledore and McGonagall and a desire to positively shape young minds, Harry chooses to dedicate his life to teaching.

This idea has a profound effect. It finalizes Harry's transition from the boy who lived to a man who makes a conscious effort to shape a safer world for future generations, using his experience to guide them. It also reinforces his love for Hogwarts and provides closure in a heartfelt way.

FAQ Section

Is this ending supported by J.K Rowling?

As a piece of fan fiction, this reimagined ending does not have J.K. Rowling's official endorsement but exists as a creative reinterpretation of the series among fans.

Why rewrite the ending?

Despite the well-loved and widely accepted ending of the Harry Potter series, fans often reimagine the finale. It's a way of showing love for the characters and exploring alternate possibilities in the universe they cherish.

Does this version alter the character's personalities?

No. It maintains the essence of characters as established by J.K. Rowling, but places them in altered circumstances to explore different character dynamics.

Whether you prefer canon or an alternate universe (AUs), 'Harry Potter' remains an endearing and magical universe for us all. Though this fanfiction ending proposes significant changes, it pays homage to the magic of the original while providing fresh perspectives, pushing boundaries, and honoring the characters as we remember.


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