How i met your mother fanfiction barney abuse slap bet


To the unacquainted, Barney Stinson may just appear as the suave, comic relief on CBS's hit sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother". However, for the passionate fans of the show, Barney's character is far more complex and his actions often set the stage for the show's most memorable storylines, one of them being the legendary Slap Bet. This is how it all unraveled.

Origins of the Slap Bet

In the episode "Slap Bet", Ted and Marshall get into a debate over why Robin is apprehensive about going to the mall. Barney, ever the opportunist, proposes a wager. The one who guesses correctly gets to slap the other as hard as possible. Thus, introducing the iconic Slap Bet into the show's lore, which would become a running gag that spans over numerous episodes.

How i met your mother fanfiction barney abuse slap bet

The volatile mix of competitive camaraderie and suspenseful anticipation created a new legend in sitcom history, while adding layers to Barney's character, painting him as more than just a womanizer, but also as a master manipulator with a wicked sense of humor.

Victory and Defeat

The thrill of the Slap Bet was heightened when Barney was first declared the winner and was granted five slaps to be used at any time. The sudden turns of events kept fans on their toes, anxious about when the next slap would come, thus giving Barney a tool to keep things humorous and unpredictable throughout the series.

However, further developments in the episode saw a reversal of fortune for Barney, where it was revealed that Robin was not a porn star (as Barney assumed) but was in fact, a teenage pop-star. The slap bet commissioner, Lily, ruled in favor of Marshall who got five slaps instead. This episode laid the groundwork for Barney's unique balance of victory and defeat throughout the series, constantly swinging between the smug winner and the humorously disgruntled loser.

The Never-Ending Slap Bet

From Barney getting slapped out of his job promotion joy to Marshall orchestrating an elaborate play just to deliver a slap, the slap bet served as an ongoing source of comic relief throughout the series. Each delivered slap marked a significant milestone, blending seamlessly into the storyline, thereby enriching the entire show's narrative.

Even after all five of Marshall's slaps were delivered, the Slap Bet lived on. Barney's overconfidence landed him into further trouble when he allowed Marshall to slap him three more times spread over the course of eternity. This, in turn, solidified the slap bet as a narrative instrument that transcended seasons.

Effects on Barney’s Character

The Slap Bet showcased the multifaceted nature of Barney's character. While he loved fun and games, the fear of being slapped brought forth his vulnerability and added a human touch to his otherwise over-the-top character. His scheming ways, from trying to weasel out of the bet to using devious tactics to deliver his winning slap, added depth to his character that aided in propelling narratives.

The slaps served not just as a hilarious gag, but also as a resonant metaphor of Barney's journey on the show. Every slap he received was a wake-up call, a reminder of his missteps, each one making him more cautious, hesitant, and aware of his actions- a progression that contributed significantly to his character growth.

App Review: HIMYM Trivia

"HIMYM Trivia" is a fan app dedicated to testing your knowledge of the "How I met Your Mother" series. One of the featured sections of this app involves questions about the Slap Bet, thereby reflecting its importance in the series. This app encapsulates all elements of the show, making it a must-have for any HIMYM fan.

However, the app's main attraction, a trivia game, falls short in comparison to the depth of the slap bet storyline in the actual show. The trivia fails to capture the suspense and humor of the slap bet, making it a missed opportunity for fans. On the brighter side, it's a fun way to recall and laugh at the unforgettable moments from the show.


Q: What was the reason behind Robin not wanting to go to the mall?
A: It was revealed that Robin was a one-hit wonder pop star in Canada and her hit song was filmed at a mall, causing her to avoid them.

Q: Why don't Barney's slaps have the same effect as Marshall's?
A: Barney is shown to be more strategic with his slaps, using them to highlight a victory rather than to inflict physical pain, unlike Marshall.

Q: In total, how many slaps does Marshall get to give Barney?
A: Originally five, which gets extended to eight due to Barney's overconfidence.


The slap bet was a brilliant subplot in "How I Met Your Mother" that added a comedic spark to the show, while concurrently giving depth to Barney's character. Each slap clarified his character imperfections, gave him a course for growth, and gave viewers some hilarious moments to remember. Perhaps, one could say the slap bet was a running gag that kept on giving.


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