How i met your mother fanfiction barney depressed


Barney Stinson, from the successful series How I Met Your Mother, was known as the charismatic and energetic womanizer who brought life to every party. But what happens when the light within him begins to fade? What occurs when the self-proclaimed bro-for-life starts to contemplate the meaning and value of his life, causing him to slip into a pit of depression?


One sure aspect of Barney's depression was his shaken façade. Used to his lavish lifestyle and 'suit up' persona, it was shocking to see him struggle to maintain his characteristic bravado. His polished look began to fade, and his usually quippy remarks were replaced by solemn silences. Every encounter started to feel like a drag, and there was a clear transition in his usually gleaming gaze.

How i met your mother fanfiction barney depressed

Barney became distant not only from his regular congregation but also from his legendary playbook. The ingenious schemes he had crafted for picking up women were left untouched and dusty. The man who used to live to put on a show was now just struggling to put on a smile.


Barney's depression made him question the very essence of his relationships. His doubts about the genuineness of his friends' affections towards him began surfacing. This led to a lot of heated arguments that left everyone, including Barney, in a cloud of remorse and resentment. His jovial demeanor was fighting an endless battle with his inner turmoil.

The most heart-wrenching criticism Barney faced was towards his relationship with Robin. The mere thought of their bond being based on convenience rather than love initiated a lot of self-doubt within him. His lowered confidence and increased anxiety made him start questioning the authenticity of their relationship.


Much like real-life scenarios, Barney resorted to alcohol as a coping mechanism to run from his inner conflicts. What started as a means of distraction, soon transformed into a dangerous habit. His dependence on alcohol to escape from the harsh reality of his insecurities was alarming and destructive.

His constant drinking not only strained his relationship with his friends and Robin but also affected his health. The once lively and spontaneous Barney was now visibly lethargic and weak. The sad irony was that the man who lived to avoid confrontation was now confronting the worst of himself every day.


Despite his current state, Barney's natural wit couldn't help but make a dark humor approach to his condition. He joked about his emotional state in such a way that his friends, despite knowing the truth, found it difficult to bypass his humorous barrier and address the elephant in the room.

The sad, receding spirit of Barney started to become the butt of his own jokes. His deteriorating state became evident when instead of his usual vibrant line-up of jokes, dark humor took over. His jokes reflected the despair and agony eating him from inside, making everyone uncomfortable but alert about his state of mind.


Barney's character was drawn to perfection, masking his insecurities, and thus seeking help was a struggle. His hesitance to visit a therapist was not just mere stubbornness but a clear indication of his fear of confronting his vulnerabilities. He was caught in a fight between his own desire to seek help and his inability to do so due to his fear of judgment and failure.


The most heartwarming part of Barney's battle with depression was the unyielding support he received from his friends. They made every effort to make Barney feel loved and supported, no matter how immense his struggles were. Their ability to comfort him amidst his despair was a testament to the strong bond of friendship they shared.

Each friend contributed in unique ways to support Barney through his difficult phase, whether it was Ted's emotional support, Lily's nurturing nature, or Marshall's brotherly love and understanding. Robin, despite her emotional chaos, offered a pillar of love and reassurance to Barney.


Depression is a serious issue that affects millions of people worldwide, and the fictional world is no exception. Barney Stinson, the epitome of charisma and flair, too fell into the pit of depression. However, with the help of his faithful friends and resilient character, he was able to emerge from it, teaching us all a lesson of the importance of friendship and self-love during difficult times.

Common Q&As

Q: Is Barney's depression reflected in the original series? A: This is a fanfiction scenario, and it's not based on the storyline of the original series.

Q: What was the reaction of other characters to Barney's depression? A: Initially a shocker to everyone, but they eventually gathered their senses and became his pillars of support.

Q: Were there strategies used by Barney's friends to help him overcome his depression? A: Yes, they offered emotional and mental support, tried to engage him in activities, and most importantly, made him realize that he was not alone in his fight.

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