How i met your mother fanfiction lemon


It was an early evening at the usually bustling MacLaren's Pub, the energy was subdued, conversations hushed. The usual five: Ted, Marshal, Lily, Barney, and Robin were seated in their usual place at her booth. Yet, the charm of the spot was tainted by a glaring absence �Barney, who was currently in San Francisco on some sort of job.

Ted, the storyteller of the gang, faced his kids and narrated the defining incident of this particular evening �the unexpected return of Barney before he finished narrating his skit of anecdotes for the day. All of them were taken aback, not only by Barney's presence but by an extra person IVY, a dainty and soft-spoken woman with Barney.

How i met your mother fanfiction lemon

An Unplanned Introduction

Normally Mr. Stinson introduced any woman he was dating very casually �as if he had ushered her in and out of their lives quickly. But with Ivy, Ted noted in his story, he looked different. Barney was a little more nervous, a little more twitchy. With a deep breath, he introduced Ivy.

They were surprised to find out that Barney was seriously dating this woman, who appeared more than just a temporary fling. Intriguingly, Barney’s usual confident, infectious character was replaced by a subdued, somewhat vulnerable personality in front of Ivy, reflecting a side of him they hadn't witnessed often.

New Relationships

As Ivy found her place amongst the group replacing Barney, the dramatically entertaining dynamics of love began to form new layers for the story. LIy and Marshall were curious to learn more about Ivy and her bond with Barney while Ted and Robin felt apprehensive about this new relationship buildup.

Yet, the group could not deny the warmth and kindness Ivy brought with her. Even the skeptical Ted could not resist the allure of Ivy, who soon started to bring light onto Barney's unrevealed humane sides, challenging Ted’s fear of this unexpected change.

Dug Out Memories

As the story progresses, the relationship dynamics between Ivy and Barney began to reveal some poignant moments from Barney's past. Ted narrated these revelations with an undercurrent of curiosity and empathy. It almost felt like they were witnessing Barney’s humanizing journey all over again.

Ivy dug out stories from Barney's past �his troubled relationship with his father, his promiscuous lifestyle, and how he finally began to change into the dedicated lover he had become. As these stories flowed, Ted and Robin found themselves warming up to Ivy.

Emotional Turmoil

Towards the ending, emotional turmoil was felt both individually and as a group. Although Ivy had become an indispensable part of their lives, revealing sides of Barney one probably didn’t know existed, her presence meant rediscovering a friend and adjusting to the refreshed equation.

Yet, they had grown to love Ivy. They found it hard to imagine their lives, and particularly Barney's life, without her. The story ended with a sweet note of acceptance, of embracing changes and appreciating the evoked, unpredictable emotions.


Q1: How has the character of Barney changed from the original series before this fanfiction?

A: Barney has become a more mature and responsible character. His occasional outrageous behavior is replaced by a subdued, careful nature.

Q2: Does Ted continue his storytelling in this fanfiction?

A: Yes, Ted remains as the storyteller, unfolding the life incidents and changes.

Q3: Does this fanfiction address Barney’s promiscuous past?

A: Yes, the fanfiction touches upon Barney's once promiscuous past, along with focusing on his transition into a dedicated lover.


In this 'How I Met Your Mother' fanfiction, the story has taken an unexpected turn with the character of Barney, while preserving the original charm, humor, and emotions that makes the show unique. Just as the group has learned to embrace the changes Barney and Ivy have brought into their lives, the fans will find themselves adjusting and appreciating this nuanced exploration.


(This story is a fictional piece, based on the original show 'How I Met Your Mother', and does not include any publication references.)

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