How i met your mother fanfiction lily robin


In the heart of New York City, a tale of friendship, growth, and inexplicable occurrences unfolded. Our story begins with a young artist named Lily Aldrin and her journey into New York's fast tempos, and among those she met was a news reporter, Robin Scherbatsky. Strangers at first, they initially found it hard to relate to each other as Lily was accustomed to the quiet life of her suburban town, while Robin was hardened by the demands of the city's media industry. However, with numerous shared experiences and a friendship circle that never failed to bring them closer together, they slowly began to connect.

Despite their different personalities, a special bond formed between the two. Robin, with her direct and straightforward nature, helped Lily become more assertive, while Lily, with her nurturing personality, softened Robin's hardened edges and brought out her more compassionate side.

How i met your mother fanfiction lily robin

Point 1: Shared Laughter and Tears

The friendship took a leap when Lily, faced with a life-changing decision, found solace and guidance in Robin. As Lily contemplated marrying her long-term boyfriend Marshall, Robin was the one who made Lily feel that it was okay to have fears and doubts. They shared laughter and tears, as Robin confessed her own fears about commitment. It was a poignant moment that cemented their friendship.

When Robin, on the other hand, had a relationship crisis with her on-and-off boyfriend Barney, it was Lily who encouraged Robin to confront her feelings and be true to herself. They spent countless nights on Lily's couch, dissecting relationships, and from those sessions, stronger resolutions were formed.

Point 2: Shared Jobs and Dreams

Their friendship deepened when Robin helped Lily get a job at the news network she worked for. Though Lily had a passion for art, she was struggling financially and needed a job to pay her bills. Robin introduced her to the concept of "networking," and Lily found herself surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the newsroom. It was a different world, but Lily embraced it, and her character grew.

This gesture from Robin was not a one-off thing. When Lily had an opportunity to go to San Francisco for an art program, Robin was amongst the first ones to encourage her dream. Though they knew they would miss each other, they also understood the importance of each one pursuing their dreams.

Point 3: Shared Secrets and Realizations

Lily was often portrayed as the group's moral compass, but with Robin, she shared her deepest secrets and fears. For instance, when Lily questioned whether she was giving up on her passion for art by marrying Marshall, it was Robin who she confided in. Robin, in turn, revealed her fear of becoming a 'spinster' and her conflicted feelings about not wanting kids. Through these shared secrets, both women found strength in their vulnerabilities.

Their friendship transcended the commonplace, even extending to their quirks. Robin was there when Lily discovered her occasional attraction to women, becoming a sounding board for Lily's confusion and fear of judgment. The depth of this bond allowed them to handle these revelations with care and understanding.

Point 4: Shared Burdens and Support

Perhaps the most significant testament to their friendship was when they helped each other through difficult times. When Robin found out she was infertile, Lily was there for her. She listened, shared her own experience with infertility, and offered robust emotional support.

And when Lily lost her father, Robin was there with comfort, distraction, and laughter during Lily's darkest period. In a show that always highlighted the comic, their ability to address their sorrows and support one another during hard times was indeed a testament to their bond.

Point 5: An Unforgettable Bond

Their friendship transcended romance, work, and the pursuit of dreams. It grew through heartfelt conversations, shared laughter and tears, networking, confidential revelations, mutual support, and collective growth. In a city that never sleeps, Lily and Robin found a friendship that was unshakeable, unbreakable, and altogether unforgettable.


1. Are Lily and Robin really good friends? Yes, as noted throughout the show, Lily and Robin share a deep and unbreakable friendship, despite their significant differences in personality.

2. Did Robin help Lily get a job at her news network? Yes, Robin did help Lily get a job at the news network when Lily was financially struggling. This was a significant act of friendship on Robin's part.

3. Does their friendship endure the test of time and various life crises? Yes, Lily and Robin's friendship endures practically everything thrown at them. They support each other through broken relationships, infertility, death of loved ones, and personal doubts and fears.

4. What makes their friendship special? Their friendship is special because of their shared experiences, emotional depth, mutual support, and collective growth. They're there for each other during the good times and bad times - a testament to true friendship.


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