How i met your mother fanfiction ted and tracy


When it comes to the epic love story of Ted Mosby and Tracy McConnell (aka The Mother) in the famed sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother,' fans can't help but get all mushy. It was a journey of hope, destiny, red balloons, yellow umbrellas, and endless romance. This fan-fictional article explores the different aspects of Ted and Tracy's relationship, curating stories that weave through the loop-holes left open in the series. Breathe in a fresh perspective as we venerate the beautiful sitcom couple in this fan-fiction article.

First Encounter

Ted and Tracy's first encounter is beautifully experimental. Ted, a self-proclaimed romantic, burdened with the curse of seeking perfection, meets Tracy, a cute, lovable woman who fits Ted like a glove. Ted sees Tracy for the first time in the rain while she is waiting for a cab. The iconic yellow umbrella, a symbol of their destined relationship, binds them together.

How i met your mother fanfiction ted and tracy

From that very instance, their chemistry is palpable. Tracy's kind-heartedness and quirky charm strike a chord with Ted's hopeless romantic nature. They form a deep connection since both of them have experienced heartbreaks and share a passion for architecture and the arts.

The Proposal

Ted wanted the proposal to be perfect and planned it carefully. He arranged a grand gesture at the place where they first met, the Farhampton Inn. Ted being Ted, sabotages his plan by rushing the proposal, a significant contrast to the man who always yearned for fairy-tale-like moments.

Tracy accepts the proposal wholeheartedly. Despite the hasty execution, the authenticity and simplicity of their love shine through the event.

Tracy Being Introduced to the Gang

Ted finds it essential to introduce Tracy to his eccentric, close-knit group of friends. Barney, Robin, Marshall, and Lily bond with Tracy instantly, setting the tone for many humorous and dramatic narratives.

Tracy fits in well, understanding their weird traditions and indulges in their crazy adventures. Marshall and Lily find her a great addition to the group while Barney and Robin appreciate her kind demeanour and share their high-fives with her.

The Wedding

The excitement of Ted and Tracy's wedding keeps the fans on edge. Ted, despite being the romantic that he is, suggests a simple courthouse wedding. Tracy, understanding Ted's nature, convinces him to reconsider. Eventually, they arrange a private wedding, well-lit with fairy lights, and Marshall officiating.

The couple's first dance to "La Vie En Rose," a song Tracy often played on her ukulele, is an unforgettable moment for both the characters and fans.

The Birth of their Children

Ted and Tracy's journey as parents begins with a twist. The tradition breaks when their daughter, Penny, arrives before their wedding. This unexpected event takes them by surprise but strengthens their bond.

The birth of their son, Luke, completes their happy family. Their kids bear witness to their love story and play a major role in Ted's intriguing 'How I Met Your Mother' narrative.

Tracy's Illness and Death

Tracy's sudden illness shocks everyone. She seems invincible throughout her appearances, which makes this twist a hard one to digest. Her humorous and optimistic demeanor fight till the end, symbolizing her undying spirit and love for her family.

Ted telling the stories of Tracy to their kids is not only his way of cherishing his memories but also a tribute to their love story.


Ted and Tracy's enchanting love story is one for the romantics. Their tale proves that destiny, fate, and a yellow umbrella play an extravagant part in the game of love. The way their storyline is crafted serves as an example of how love can be found in the most unexpected situations and the most ordinary places. It is the embodiment of 'How I Met Your Mother.'


Q1: Does Ted end up with Tracy in the end?
A: Yes, Ted ends up marrying Tracy. However, Tracy dies, and Ted tells his kids their love story.

Q2: Does the yellow umbrella belong to Tracy?
A: Yes, the yellow umbrella initially belongs to Tracy, which Ted accidentally takes, becoming a symbol of their relationship.

Q3: What is the real name of Tracy (The Mother) in the show?
A: The real name of Tracy's character is Cristin Milioti.

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