How it should have happened dbz fanfiction


The scope of the new telling is the same as the original Dragon Ball Z series ‚Ä?from the arrival of Raditz to the defeat of Majin Buu. However, instead of altering the core storyline excessively, emphasis is on polishing various areas for a more coherent and satisfying narrative. It's a tale that reaffirms the old adage - every saga must have an end. But what if, the narrative had tweaked just a bit?

This alternate timeline seeks to address the issues concerning the inconsistency of certain characters, overlooked elements of the plot, and the pacing of the story. As we journey back into the flaming aura of Goku, let's re-imagine certain events of the narrative that could have greatly affected the entire saga.

How it should have happened dbz fanfiction

2. Beginning: The Veil of Peace is Lifted

The story opens with the arrival of Raditz, who reveals Goku’s alien lineage. Here, Raditz is given more screentime and significance. Rather than being killed in the initial fight, Raditz is instead subdued, offering a chance for the vs Saiyan duel among Goku, Raditz, and Piccolo. It's a tryst of power, dominance and latent Saiyan pride on the battlefront.

Meanwhile, Bulma plays a significant role in foiling Raditz's plans. Using her technical acumen, she manages to devise a temporary method to disrupt the power of the Saiyan space pods, contributing to crucial gains in the fight.

3. Gohan- The young warrior

In the original story, Gohan’s development as a warrior is ambiguous. In this alternate telling, Gohan’s potential is foreshadowed properly during the battles with the Saiyans. His training under Piccolo is more stern and rigorous, shaping him into a formidable warrior at a young age.

The young Saiyan prodigy, Gohan then inspires other Earth-based fighters to step up their game, setting a premise for the tournament of power which is fuelled by sheer passion, determination and a warrior's pride.

4. Frieza- The Definitive Villain

Frieza has always been a central villain in the Dragon Ball universe. Here he is reimagined as a character that is consistently manipulative and cunning. Instead of being defeated by Goku’s Super Saiyan transformation, he is outsmarted by a collective strategy of the Z-fighters and becomes a recurring threat.

His saga ends with a glorious battle between him and Goku in a Super Saiyan and Frieza’s Final form, respectively. The fight is a testament to the changes Goku and his friends underwent, emphasising their resilience and camaraderie.

5. The Androids and Cell- A Lesson in Humanity

The androids and Cell are deepened in their motivations and roles. The androids question the notion of being artificial beings in a natural world, and Cell, obsessed with perfection, is a reflection of the Z-fighters‚Ä?pursuit of strength.

Their arcs conclude with Piccolo’s words of wisdom about the essence of life and the essence of a warrior, leading to change of hearts and a much needed shift in perspective. Such narrative threads are essential to the overall story arch.


Splattering a powerful canvas that is painted with riveting strategies, heart-pounding risks and an unwavering faith, bringing forth the warrior's pride, this is the reimagined narrative of DBZ. While meticulous care is taken not to strong-arm the original design, weaving the underutilized threads of the narrative into the main storyline enhances its complexity and depth.

Because stories like DBZ deserve more than what they are given, and it is in these weddings of fantasy and creativity that sometimes, we discover narratives that are even grander than the original. So let's bust out those scouters and dive into the spectacular world of the reimagined DBZ storyline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the alternate narrative include Bulma?

A: Part of the narrative reshaping was to highlight the roles of non-fighting characters. Bulma’s intelligence and resourcefulness are valuable assets to the Z-fighters.

Q: Why is Raditz not killed in the beginning in this version?

A: It provides an opportunity to portray Goku’s struggle with his Saiyan heritage. Moreover, Raditz as a recurring character can lead to some intriguing plot developments.

Q: How is Cell's story arc changed in the alternate continuity?

A: Cell, in pursuit of perfection, parallels the Z-fighters‚Ä?relentless ascension of power. This mutual aim forms the crux of the character's development, providing an intuitive depth to the overall narrative.


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