How many fanfiction stories are on ao3


Archive of Our Own, commonly known as AO3, is a non-profit open-source repository for fanfiction (fan-created stories based on pre-existing fictional works). The website is managed by the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), committed to protecting and promoting fanworks. Launched in 2008, it has since grown into one of the largest repositories of fan art, videos, and writings on the web.

The Size of AO3 Repository

How many fanfiction stories are on AO3? This is a number that continues to grow every day. As of November 2021, AO3 hosts over 7.1 million works from more than 2.5 million registered users. These works span countless fandoms, genres, and languages, making AO3 one of the largest and most diverse fanfiction repositories in the world.

How many fanfiction stories are on ao3

These numbers are impressive, and they illustrate the significant impact that fanworks have on global pop culture. The vast number of stories on AO3 tell us a lot about how fans consume, interpret, and react to their favorite media.

How Does AO3 Work?

Not only does AO3 host a massive quantity of fanfiction, but it also provides an easy-to-use platform for both readers and writers. Users can easily browse stories by fandom, character, relationship, and other filters. Additionally, users can bookmark, comment on, and recommend stories, creating a community atmosphere.

The website also supports an advanced search feature where users can narrow down their choices based on various parameters like work status (completed or ongoing), word count, publication date, and others. This feature significantly improves the user experience, making it easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Content Rating System

AO3 sports a comprehensive content rating system, enabling users to filter stories based on their tolerance for explicit content. The rating system consists of categories like General Audiences, Teen and Up Audiences, Mature, Explicit, and Not Rated. Content warnings also address themes of violence, sexual content, and major character die.

This system allows users to navigate content safely, ensuring that they don’t stumble across content that they’re uncomfortable with. On the flip side, it also ensures that readers looking for specific content can find it with ease, promoting a culture of consent and respect within the community.

The Impact of AO3 on Fan Culture

AO3 is more than just a repository �it’s also an integral part of the culture around fanfiction. One of the main ways AO3 supports fan culture is by providing users with a safe space where they can freely express their creativity and engage with others in the community who share their passions.

Furthermore, AO3’s dedication to protecting fanworks and user privacy has earned it the trust and loyalty of the fanfic community. It has also played a significant role in the recognition and legitimization of fanfiction as a form of artistic expression.

Comparison with Other Fanfiction Websites

In comparison to other fanfiction websites such as (FFN), Wattpad, and others, AO3 stands out for several reasons. AO3's open-source approach and the cataloguing features provide more freedom for the writers and easy access for the readers, which is unparalleled.

AO3's content tagging and advanced search features significantly outperform those of its competitors. Furthermore, AO3 has a more open policy towards adult content, which has led to it being seen as a more inclusive and diverse platform.

Common Questions about AO3

Q: How do I publish a fanfiction on AO3?
A: After creating and logging into your AO3 account, click on the "Post New Work" button, fill in the required fields and tags, write or paste your story, and finally click on "Post Without Preview" or "Preview" before posting.

Q: Is AO3 safe?
A: Yes, AO3 is safe. It does host adult content, but content warnings and ratings are prevalent.

Q: Why is it called 'Archive of Our Own'?
A: The name refers to the idea that the site offers fans their own archive, where they can post, read, and discuss fanworks without interference.


AO3 is a treasure trove of fanfiction, with millions of works spanning various fandoms, genres and languages. It is an essential part of the fanfiction community, demonstrating the power of fan-based creative expression and the importance of content accessibility. Its open and intimate design encourages users to share, explore and appreciate this colorful landscape of human imagination.


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