How messed up is your fanfiction taste quiz


Fanfiction, the very name suggests an intriguing blend of fanaticism and fiction - a byproduct of superfans pouring their passions into creating an alternate universe for their favorite characters, often twisting the storyline to their liking. This world is burgeoning with creativity, expanding the horizons of readers, making them question, analyze and appreciate the writer's take on a particular story from a popular book, movie, or TV show. But with thousands of fanfictions on the internet, the real question is - how messed up is your fanfiction taste? Let's delve deep and break down our tastes into various aspects.


Your taste in character portrayal can tell a lot about you. If you prefer the characters as they are in the original work, your taste is pretty traditional. However, if you like to see a different version of them - say, a darker side or a more humorous version - your taste is quite adventurous. It's your choice, and there's no right or wrong!

How messed up is your fanfiction taste quiz

Then, if you lean more towards romantic pairings that were not established in the original work, or 'ship characters', your taste leans more towards the imaginative and playful side. On the other hand, if you stick to the pairings as they were in the canon, you probably are a purist at heart.

Language and Style

The language and style of a fanfiction are crucial aspects that can be easily overlooked. Are you a fan of intricate, poetic language and elaborate descriptions, or do you prefer a more straightforward, simpler storytelling style? Your preference could say a lot about your sophistication level and your taste in literature.

Your tolerance of bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation could also be an indicator of your taste. If you can look past these errors and still enjoy the story for what it is, you may be a more forgiving and open-minded reader. If you find yourself unable to continue reading due to such errors, you are probably more of a perfectionist.

Plot and Themes

Your choice of the plot and themes could also say a lot about your taste in fanfiction. If you prefer alternative universes or 'AU' where the characters are placed in a completely different scenario, it indicates that you’re imaginative and thrive on fresh takes on familiar characters. If you like fanfictions sticking to the original plot but offering more depth and intricacies, it shows that you appreciate detail and character development.

If your preference veers towards darker, edgier themes, your taste might be more mature and intense. On the other hand, if light-hearted, fluffy themes are your cup of tea, it suggests a preference for easy, feel-good stories.

Length and Updates

Your taste regarding the length of the fanfictions and their update schedules can be quite revealing as well. If you prefer one-shots or shorter fanfictions, it could indicate a busy lifestyle or limited attention span. On the contrary, if you enjoy longer fanfictions, you are likely a more patient and committed reader.

Whether you prefer completed fanfictions or are willing to wait for updates is another aspect of your taste. If you only read completed works, you likely value closure and hate cliffhangers. If you don't mind waiting for updates, you're probably a more patient and trusting reader.


Q: Can my taste in fanfiction change over time?
A: Absolutely! Just like any other form of media, your taste in fanfiction can evolve as you grow and change.

Q: Does my taste in fanfiction reflect on my personality?
A: It might! Your preferences in fanfiction can reflect certain aspects of your personality, such as your openness to experiences or your attention span.

Q: Do writing style and grammar affect the quality of a fanfiction?
A: They can for some readers. Good writing style and grammar can enhance a reader's experience, but some readers can overlook minor errors if the story is compelling.


Everyone's taste in fanfiction is unique and personal, like a signature. So whether your tastes are conventional or off the beaten path, remember �it's all part of the fun. Embrace the madness, enjoy the ride, and treasure every twisted tale you come across.


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