How not to summon a demon lord fanfiction crossovernaruto


The story begins in a city known as 'Konoha' referred through a mysterious portal from the world of 'How Not to Summon a Demon Lord'. The protagonist, Diablo, slays his enemies with power unimaginable in the 'Naruto' universe. However, his eyes soon turn to the village hidden in the leaves, and the ninjas it houses. Meanwhile, Naruto Uzumaki, unaware of the approaching danger, continues his training, aiming to become Hokage.

The First Encounter

Diablo, fascinated by ninjutsu, approaches Naruto, only to be mistaken for an enemy. They have a brief skirmish, with Naruto testing Diablo's abilities. As their sublime encounter progresses, Diablo recognizes Naruto's latent potential and starts seeing him as a worthy adversary.

How not to summon a demon lord fanfiction crossovernaruto

They engage in a short combat, exploring each other's abilities. Naruto combines his unique skillset with his high-intensity ‘Fox Chakra,' while Diablo showcases his unparalleled magic skills. The readers are left awestruck by this thrilling battle in the crossover tale.

Tensions in Konoha

The unexpected encounter with Diablo release alerts the Konoha village, who considers Diablo a threat. The Hokage and the village elders debate on how to handle Diablo as a peace-loving village. Naruto, however, feels there is more to Diablo than what meets the eye and decides to learn more. The tension is palpable, and it sets a perfect setup for the upcoming events.

Rem Rem and Shera

In the midst of all these events, Rem and Shera, Diablo's companions from another world, also surface in Konoha. They add a much-needed light-hearted tone amidst the tense atmosphere and bring certain comic relief. Naruto, along with Sakura and Sasuke, bond with the duo, even showing them around Konoha and its ways."

The Alliance

Sensing a greater threat, Naruto suggests an alliance with Diablo to protect the village. They realize that their powers combined could be a force incomparable to anything. The alliance is initially fought with mistrust, but Naruto convinces the elders with his undeterred determination.

The Final Battle

In a climactic turn of events, a formidable enemy who came through the mysterious portal threatens Konoha. It paves the way for a dramatic final showdown, putting the alliance between Naruto and Diablo to the ultimate test. The battle tests the physical and emotional resilience of not just Naruto and Diablo, but everyone involved.


Eventually, the combined efforts of Diablo, Naruto, and their friends save the day. Adventures and experiences bind them together. Even though they depart for their respective worlds, the worldview each of them obtained serves to enrich their characters further.


1. Where can I read this fanfiction? - Unfortunately, this is a hypothetical fanfiction, which doesn't exist yet. However, plenty of websites like '' and 'Archive of Our Own' host a plethora of crossover fanfictions.

2. Can there be such a crossover? - Given the restrictions of copyright, a real-life adaptation may not be feasible, but in fan-fiction, the possibilities are endless. Inventive crossover ideas like these are highly welcomed in many fandoms.

3. How can I create my fanfiction? - All one needs is a creative mind and a good writing hand. You can take your favorite characters from two or more universes and give them an entirely new storyline.


In conclusion, the entire plot is a wild-trip filled with adventure, friendship, action, and a sense of camaraderie. This crossover, while absurd to some and amusing to others, has a plethora of opportunities to etch a grand fanfiction. So get your pen and paper ready and let your adventures hit the pages. Happy writing!

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