How not to summon a demon lord fanfiction lemon


The captivating world of 'How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord' has emerged as one of the most enigmatic realms in the anime universe. Notably loved for its contentious mixture of comedy, fantasy, action, and magic, this eccentric narrative invariably oozes quality content that leaves the audience hungry for more. Considering the fandom's enduring fascination and love for this series, let's delve into a riveting fanfiction, portraying the Demon Lord Diablo's unlikely encounters and adventures.

The Puzzling Message

One day, a mysterious message finds its way to Diablo. It's a summoning spell, but different, convoluted, and perplexing even for the demon lord himself. Intrigued, Diablo embarks on a deep investigation into this cryptic summons, discovering that it is in an ancient and almost forgotten demonic dialect.

How not to summon a demon lord fanfiction lemon

This follows a string of speculations and brain-racking interpretations. As Diablo continues to use his impressive knowledge to understand the strange summons, he finds that it could lead him to an unheard and undiscovered realm of magic and demons. And, it appears to have come from a particularly formidable and ancient demon.

An Unlikely Alliance

Deciphering the message takes a toll on Diablo, and he realizes he needs assistance. So, he reluctantly forms an unlikely alliance with Edelgard, his once arch-nemesis. Initially suspicious and cold, they eventually develop a camaraderie, offering a fresh perspective on their opposing viewpoints.

Working together, they uncover the message's secrets, hinting at a significant, lurking evil waiting to destroy their known realm. This leads them to join forces, uniting their unique abilities and pooling resources to devise a plan that could potentially save their world.

The Great Confrontation

The battle becomes inevitable. United, Diablo and Edelgard confront this ancient demon, sustaining substantial damage but never yielding. The fight showcases another side of Diablo, combining his characteristic humor with unyielding determination, marking a significant character development point.

Moreover, an unexpected twist materializes during the confrontation. An old ally of Diablo, possibly Shera or Rem, arrives exactly at the moment they need backup. This intervention brings a significant turning point in the battle, putting our heroes on the winning path.

The Aftermath

Post the mammoth battle, Diablo finds himself awakening in his familiar surroundings, specifically in the bed owned by Rem and Shera. As he groggily cleans up the clutter in his head and tries to make sense of the events that unfolded, he can't help but feel a slight pang of forlornness. This is primarily due to the loss of the strange camaraderie he had briefly developed with Edelgard, even if it was under odd circumstances.

However, reflecting on these events makes Diablo realize that the battle brought them closer, and the situation wasn't a traumatic loss or a regretful memory. His perspective evokes a sense of poignancy and ends the story on an emotionally resonant note rather than an explosive action sequence, making for a truly compelling narrative.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1: Why is Edelgard chosen as the ally in this fanfiction?
A1: Edelgard, as an antagonist in the original series, provides an interesting dynamic when paired with Diablo. This unusual alliance lightens up the narrative whilst also adding a deeper layer of complexity to both characters.
Q2: Are the events of this fanfiction connected to the main storyline?
A2: While the fanfiction is inspired by the original series, the events described are crafted purely for the fanfiction and do not directly correlate to the official storyline.
Q3: Is this fanfiction available to read on an app or a website?
A3: As of now, this fanfiction exists solely in this article.


The tug of enchantment in 'How Not to Summon a Demon Lord' is irresistable to a massive number of fans across the world. This fanfiction serves as an ode to them, encapsulating the unique elements, quirks, and narrative nuances that make the series truly stand out. As we dive deeper into Diablo's fascinating realm, more adventurous encounters and storylines wait to unfold.


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