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Everyone loves a good hero's tale, but there are some of us who have an unusual fascination with villains. Whether it's their depth, their motivation, or simply their unique style that intrigues us, writing a fanfiction story where the villain is in the spotlight can be immensely rewarding. But how does one go about writing a fanfiction when the villain is the star? This guide will help you on your journey. We'll cover a range of topics from understanding your chosen villain, to plot structure, to maintaining your villain’s integrity, and so much more. So, let's dive in.

Understanding Your Villain

The first step towards writing a compelling villain-centric fanfiction is to truly understand your villain. This isn't just about their schemes or powers, but about their motivations, their flaws, their past, and what they truly desire. Spend some time reading up on your villain, watching the movies or series they're in, and note down things that make them tick. Remember that a villain is as much a character as the hero, and for your story to be successful, your audience must feel something for them, be it sympathy or hate.

How to be a villain fanfiction

It won't be productive to just blindly follow the script though. You should attempt to create your own interpretations of the character. Perhaps there are hidden depths that the original writers never explored, or maybe they have secrets that were never uncovered. Remember, fanfiction is your playground - you have the power to delve deeper into the character's psyche than the original creators ever did.

Creating the Right Kind of Conflict

An integral part of any story is the conflict that drives the plot. In the case of villain-centric fanfiction, this conflict should not only showcase the villain's strength or cunning, but should also allow for character development. This could be a battle against the hero, an internal struggle, or even a contest against a greater villain. Whatever the case, your villain should not stay the same throughout the story - they should be evolving and changing just like any other character.

Conflict in villain-centric fanfiction can primarily fall in two categories: external and internal. Whereas external conflict focuses on physical obstacles, tasks or fights, internal conflict revolves around emotional and mental struggles, self-doubt and moral dilemmas. Mixing these two types of conflicts can make for an engaging and multifaceted story.

Writing a Gripping Plot

Now onto plot structure - your villain may be the star, but that doesn't mean you should neglect the overall story. Your fanfiction should still follow some type of cohesive narrative. Map out a beginning, middle, and end before you start writing. The villain's plan, defeat, and their reaction to it are key components of your plot. Introduce stakes, tension and climax at appropriate points to ensure your story is a page-turner.

Remember to also include some unexpected twists and turns. These surprises could range from a sudden betrayal, an unexpected ally, or even a new villain appearing on the scene. As long as they make sense in terms of your villain's character and the overall narrative, they can add a level of excitement and unpredictability to your story.

Maintaining the Villain’s Evilness

The temptation to completely humanize and redeem your villain can be strong, especially if you’ve grown attached to them. However, it’s crucial to maintain their villainous nature, to some extent. After all, they’re the bad guy for a reason. While they can have moments of vulnerability or empathy, remember to balance it with their sinister side. Your reader needs to see a reflection of the villain they’ve known in your story. Striking this balance is often the key to writing successful villain-centered fanfiction.

That said, it’s not forbidden to let your villain evolve or reform �transformation and redemption can make for exciting arcs. However, this should be done gradually and convincingly, and never as an instant change of heart.

Getting Feedback

Once you've gotten a draft of your villain-centric story, it's time to let others read it. Posting on fanfiction communities like "" or "Archive of Our Own" can give invaluable feedback from fellow fans, who have a deep understanding of your chosen universe.

However, be prepared for differing opinions. Some people might not agree with how you portrayed the villain or how your storyline turned out. Don't let negative comments discourage you; instead, consider their feedback and think about how you can improve your writing.

Personal Expression

Writing fanfiction is a way to express your fondness for a franchise, character, or plot. It's about tapping into your creativity and engaging in an active fandom community. So, while it's great to take advice and feedback, always remember to stay true to your vision, even when writing about a villain.

Common Questions

Q: Is it okay to make the villain sympathetic or relatable in my fanfiction?

A: Absolutely. Making a villain relatable or sympathetic can add depth and complexity to your story. Just remember to balance it with their darker side.

Q: What if my story doesn’t adhere to the events of the original work?

A: That’s the beauty of fanfiction. You can create an alternative universe where your villain’s story unfolds differently.

Q: How can I ensure my fanfiction gets read and well-received?

A: Share your work across fanfiction portals like "AO3" and "". Engage with readers and welcome their feedback. Quality writing and regular updates also draw in consistent readership.


Writing a villain-centric fanfiction is no easy task, but with patience, creativity, and commitment, you can create a story that offers a fresh perspective on a beloved (or not-so-beloved) villain. Remember to maintain the balance between their villainous side and any redeeming qualities you choose to explore. And most importantly, stay true to your vision. Happy writing!

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