How to copy part of a fanfiction page


Whether you want to quote, archive, or just enjoy a favourite piece of a fanfiction story offline, copying part of a fanfiction story can serve various purposes. Here are 15 steps you can follow to obtain or use content from fanfiction pages smoothly. Please respect the copyright laws and always give appropriate credit to the original author.

Assess the Copyright Notice

Before you dive into the steps to copy content from a fanfiction page, remember to always check the fanfiction site's copyright notice. Make sure you are allowed to copy content for personal use. Remember that copying for commercial use can be illegal and unethical.

How to copy part of a fanfiction page

Most sites usually give information about their copyright notice in their terms of use or FAQ. Be sure to explore this section and understand the do’s and don’ts of copying content.

Find the Right Content

Navigate through the website or app to identify the fanfiction story or part of the story you would like to copy. Your chosen story can be based on the genre, author, latest chapters, or any other aspects that resonate with you.

For sites like or apps like Wattpad, you can sort stories based on various factors, including the date, genre, characters, and word count. This will help you fine-tune your search until you find the right story.

Highlighting Content

Once you've found the text you want to copy, click and drag your mouse over the content. Be careful to only include the intended content.

If you are working on mobile, press and hold down the starting point of the content, then drag your finger until the end of your intended content.

Select the “Copy�Option

After highlighting the text, right-click on it if you're using a computer. A drop-down menu will appear, and you will see the 'Copy' option.

For mobile devices, once you've highlighted the text, you'll see the 'Copy' or 'Copy text' option appearing automatically. If not, tap on 'More' or the three-dot icon to find and tap the 'Copy' option.

Paste the Copied Content

If you want to paste the copied content into a document or a note, just navigate to the area where you want it, then right-click and select 'Paste'.

On mobile devices, tap on the screen where you'd want the text to appear. Once the text cursor appears, press and hold down on the cursor. Selecting 'Paste' should appear, allowing you to paste the copied text.

Attribute the Original Author

Remember to give credit where it's due. Make it clear that you're quoting from the original source and mention the author's name and original work's title.

Ensuring that you're not mistakenly perceived as attempting to pass off someone else's work as your own is not only polite but also legal.

Using Official Apps or Websites

Each platform may have unique requirements or challenges for copying part of a fanfiction story. When using official websites like AO3, or apps like Wattpad, certain restrictions may apply.

Hence, understanding the platform's limitations or instructions is important. Always check for platform-specific guidelines to ease the process.


Q: Are there blacklisting tools that enable me to avoid some content while copying a fanfiction piece? A: Some platforms may offer such tools that allow you to exclude specific types of content while copying. Always check the platform's guidelines or FAQ to find out.

Q: How should I attribute the original author? A: You could use the format "[Author's Name], [Title of Work]. Retrieved from [URL]" as a standard referencing style.

Q: Can I paste copied content to another app? A: Yes, as long as the app supports text input, you should be able to paste the copied text directly into the app.


With the above steps, you should be able to successfully copy part of a fanfiction page. These steps may vary slightly according to the platform, device, or the version of the software you are using. Always ensure that copying is within the rights provided by the platform and that correct attribution to the original author is noted. Enjoy diving into the endless world of fanfiction!


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