How to create a community on fanfiction net

2024-04-13 is an online archive of fan fiction stories in various genres and fandoms. It has been a haven for fan fiction writers and readers since its establishment in 1998. Creating a community on this platform can provide a colorful space for users to share their common interests and explore myriad storylines of their beloved characters. This guide aims to provide comprehensive steps on how to create a community on

Sign Up

Before creating a community on, you must first become a member of the website. Signing up is a straightforward process. Visit the website, click on "Sign Up," and enter your details as prompted. After verifying your email, you become a member and gain access to all the features of the site.

How to create a community on fanfiction net

It's important to ensure your email address remains active throughout your time on the site. Notifications about your account and your community will be sent to this address. Once you've finished signing up, the site will redirect you back to the homepage.

Understanding the Site’s Policies

Like any other platform, has guidelines for creating and managing communities. Familiarize yourself with these policies to avoid any unnecessary issues on your community management journey. Remember that the golden rule is to respect others and their work.

In addition to general site rules, you must adhere to specific policies for community management. These policies may relate to community language, the type of content to be shared or the behavior expected of community members. Breaking these rules might lead to a warning or a permanent ban.

Establish Your Community's Purpose

A clearly defined purpose will guide the development of your community on The purpose might revolve around a certain fandom, book series, TV show, character, relationship or even a specific category of fanfic.

Your purpose should give potential members an idea of what they can expect from your community. Make sure it's unique and interesting to attract as many members as possible. An ambiguous community purpose could confuse potential members and discourage them from joining.

Start Creating the Community

To create your community in, find and click on the "Community" tab on the website's top menu bar. Once you are in this section, you'll see a “Create a Community�button. Clicking this will take you to the community creation page.

On this page, you can add information about your community, such as its name, description, genres, and rules. Take your time to fill out these details, as they will inform users about your community and entice them to join.

Design Your Community

The design of your community determines how attractive it looks to potential members. Choose an attractive theme, background color, and images that reflect the purpose of your community. The images could be related to your fandom, and the colors could match your theme.

Make sure your text is readable against your chosen background. Clarity and attractiveness should be the main focus in your design to make navigation through your community easy for all members.

Attract Members

After creating and designing your community, the next step is attracting members. The uniqueness and creativity in your community purpose and design can play a big role in drawing in users.

You can also invite your friends or other writers from to your community, or advertise your community on your profile or on other social media platforms. Remember to uphold the site's rules and policies when promoting your community, especially outside, since the reputation of the platform rests on its users.

Manage Your Community

Once you have your community up and running, you'll need to moderate content and deal with members. Make sure to remove any content that breaches your rules or the site's policies. You can also appoint trusted members as moderators to help you with this task.

Building a healthy and respectful relationship with your community members also plays a significant role in managing your community. Regularly communicate with your members, respond to their queries, and appreciate their contributions to the community.

Common Questions about

1. Is free?

Yes, is a free platform for writers and readers.

2. Can I create multiple communities on

Yes, you can create and manage multiple communities on

3. Is safe? is a safe platform for writers and readers. However, as with all online platforms, make sure to practice good internet safety habits.


Please refer to detailed guidelines on through the following link: [" Communities - FAQ"](

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