How to delete a fanfiction acc


There are a plethora of reasons why one would want to delete their Fanfiction account. Perhaps you've decided you want a fresh start, don't agree with the platform's policies, or want to avoid the app due to personal reasons. Regardless of the rationale, deleting an account on the Fanfiction platform is rather straightforward, provided you follow the steps outlined below

Understanding What Deletion Means

Before you decide to delete your account, it's crucial to understand what account deletion means within the context of a Fanfiction account. Deletion removes your account and all its associated data from the server of This could mean losing out on your favorite stories, losing all your reviews, data and more. Once deleted, an account cannot be recovered.

How to delete a fanfiction acc

Thus, account deletion should be executed with care, and you should back up whatever information you believe is necessary because this step is irreversible.

Backup Your Data

Like mentioned above, backing up your data is the first step towards deleting your account. This could be anything from your published stories, private messages, the stories you've favorited, the authors you're following, etc. To perform the backup on, you can download your stories and save them offline or on another cloud service of your choice.

Your reviews and private messages, unfortunately, cannot be backed up. You can, however, take screenshots of your important conversations or copy-paste them into a document. While this can be a tedious process, it will ensure that you won't lose valuable information.

Process to Delete Account

The process to delete your Fanfiction account is fairly straightforward. First, log into your account on Click on the Settings icon on the top right of your homepage and select 'Account Settings'. Here, you'll find an option to delete your account.

Click on it, and a prompt will appear, asking you to confirm your decision. If you still want to continue with the deletion process, click on 'Confirm'. Your account will then be deleted permanently from the Fanfiction server.

Remember to Logout from All Devices

It's important to log out from all devices before you delete your account. This might sound like a trivial step, but it's rather crucial. If you're logged in on multiple devices, there is a risk of your data not being completely deleted.

Log out from any other devices such as your cell phone, tablet or even from your different browsers on the same computer. This will ensure a complete deletion and protect your privacy.

Email Verification

In some cases, you might receive an email asking for confirmation of your account deletion. It's considered a part of the validation process, so don’t worry. Click on the link in the email and verify the deletion to successfully delete your Fanfiction account.

If you have an outdated email address associated with the account, it's advisable to update it before initiating the deletion process.

Post-Deletion Measures

After you have deleted your account, ensure that you do not log in again, not even to check whether the deletion was successful. Logging in after deletion could reactivate your account, so refrain from doing so.

It may take a few days for your data to be completely removed from the server. Be patient through this period and resist the temptation to log in.

Considerations And Alternatives

If you are unsure about deleting your Fanfiction account, consider alternatives like making your profile private or simply not using it for a while. There are no deadlines or charges for keeping an inactive account.

However, always be mindful about your digital footprint on the internet. Even inactive accounts hold your unique information and can serve as potential avenues for your privacy to be compromised.

Common Questions

Q: Can I recover my data after deleting my Fanfiction account?
A: No, after the deletion process, all data will be permanently erased.

Q: Can I reactivate my account after deletion?
A: No, once deleted, an account cannot be reactivated. You will need to create a new account.

Q: What happens to my published stories after deleting my account?
A: All published stories, reviews and associated account data will be deleted along with the account.


Deciding to delete your Fanfiction account is a significant decision, but if you decide it's the right move for you, follow these steps to ensure a smooth process. Remember, the actions are irreversible, so be sure of your decision before proceeding.

Note: There are official announcements and explanations regarding account deletion on but these can be contradictory. For authoritative information, always contact official support.

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