How to delete reviews on fanfiction

2024-04-10 is a website and app used by millions of avid fans worldwide. It is a platform where they showcase their creativity by writing stories revolving around their favorite characters and universes. However, there are times you may want to delete a review you've left on a story, perhaps because you've changed your opinion, or you regret something you said. This article will guide you through the nuances of deleting reviews on Fanfiction.

Understanding Site Policies

The first step is to understand the site's policies. does not immediately allow for the deletion of reviews. Once you've posted a review, it is there to stay. But it doesn't mean that nothing can be done.

How to delete reviews on fanfiction

One important facet of FanFiction is it encourages constructive criticism over outright deletions. This means that, more often than not, you should try to edit your review before you consider deleting it completely.

Understanding Review Edits

Since a direct deletion is not possible, the only other option provided by FanFiction is to edit reviews. This may sound trivial but you have to be cautious when doing this. As soon as you replace the entire content of the original review, the action cannot be reversed.

To edit a review, you need to find the story where you left the review, then find your specific review. From there, you can click the 'edit' button and make your changes. The original text of your review will be completely replaced with your new text.

Contacting Story Author

If you feel that edits won't suffice and you desperately need to delete a review, you may try reaching out to the author. In this approach, you should be polite and explain the rationale for your request.

Remember that the author reserves every right to reject your requests. However, they may also empathize with your cause and decide to delete the review for you if it's possible on their end.

Contacting Site Administration

Contacting the website's administration can also be a good strategy. Try explaining your situation in a clear, concise, and respectful manner. Don't forget to include the story ID and review number as references.

However, note that administration may not always be able to help, depending on their policies and the volume of requests they receive. Their response might take time, so be patient.

Creating a New Account

You also have the option to delete your account and create a new one if you feel it's necessary. However, this action is advised as a last resort as it will remove all of your other reviews, favorites, and other interactions existing on your profile.


Can I delete a review on FanFiction? Direct deletion of a review is not possible. However, options like review edits and contacting authors or site administration are available.

Why can't I delete a review I posted on FanFiction? As per the policies of FanFiction, once a review is posted, it can't be deleted. This is to encourage constructive criticism and feedback.

How can I edit my review on FanFiction? Go to the story where you posted the review and find your specific review. Click on the 'edit' button to make your changes.


While the option to delete reviews on FanFiction does not exist, other methods mentioned above can work as an alternative. It is recommended, before posting a review, think it over. It's important to remember the impact your words can have on someone's hard work.


All information and guidelines stated in this article are based on the policies of accessible at

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