How to download fics from

2024-06-13 is a popular platform where users post and read fan-created stories about their favorite books, movies, TV shows, etc. This guide will walk you through various methods to download fanfiction (fics) for offline consumption. A handful of options await, from using FFN's inbuilt downloading features to third-party websites and tools. These methods are comprehensive enough to provide solutions for users of different proficiency levels.

Downloading Directly through FanFiction.Net

If you are browsing the website from your phone, downloading fics directly might not be that straightforward. Access via a 'request desktop site' on your mobile browser to trigger more feature buttons and opt for 'download' in the story of your choice. This feature allows users to download a story in EPUB or MOBI format.

How to download fics from

However, it is worth noting that the download feature can sometimes be unreliable. There may be instances when it fails to download a story properly, or not at all. It might also not work for some browser versions or devices.

Using FanFicFare

FanFicFare is a third-party web app that allows you to download stories from various fanfiction-hosting websites like, Archive of our Own, FictionPress, etc. It supports a variety of download formats including EPUB, MOBI, HTML, and TXT.

Just paste the fic’s URL into the FanFicFare input field, select the desired format, and start the download. The popularity of FanFicFare can be attributed to its user-friendly interface and its ability to download stories in bulk. But always ensure that you respect the author's rights when using third-party tools.

Using FicSave

FicSave is another convenient online tool for downloading fanfictions. It supports three different file formats - EPUB, MOBI, and TXT. The process is simple and akin to FanFicFare - just copy the URL of the fic, select your preferred format, and press 'Download'.

One of FicSave's notable features is its ability to update your previously downloaded but incomplete stories. By providing the URL and format of the previously downloaded file, FicSave can download the additional chapters without duplicating the existing ones.

Email Story Feature offers an “Email Story�option. You can use this feature by visiting the desired fic, clicking on the share button, and choosing 'Email Story'. Enter your email address and the system will send the fanfic to your inbox.

In this way, you can download and save the story as you wish. However, this method is recommended for smaller fics, as some email services have strict attachment size limits.

Apps Like Pocket and Evernote

Apps like Pocket and Evernote can be handy for offline reading. These are essentially note-taking apps that also allow you to save and download web pages for later reading. Simply share the fic URL to one of these apps and it will save the page for offline access.

These apps are free to use, but come with premium functionalities for more advanced users. The downside is that these apps might not provide the same customized reading enhancements as the options previously mentioned.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I download entire archives?
No, as of writing, it's not possible to download entire archives from for copyright reasons and the site's usage policies.

Can I use these methods to download private fics?
Generally, these methods are not able to access and download private or password-protected fics or those marked as 'adult content' without proper website credentials.

When should I respect copyright and author's rights?
Always. Always respect the rights of the authors. Do not upload someone else's work onto another website or otherwise share it without their direct permission. These bulk downloading methods should only be used for personal, private consumption, not for redistribution.


Downloading fics from allows readers to engage with their favorite stories anytime and anywhere. Whether you choose to download directly from or use third-party apps or websites, it boils down to personal preference. Always remember to respect the authors' copyright and do not distribute any downloaded content without permission.

With options aplenty, it becomes a matter of convenience and technical prowess. Ensure you research properly before opting for a solution, and remember, when in doubt, you can always reach out to the relevant customer support or user forums for guidance.


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