How to download stories adults

2024-04-12, commonly referred to as, is one of the most expansive internet repositories for fan-created stories from various franchises. While it's an excellent place to find everything from Harry Potter AU stories to anime-inspired tales, downloading these stories for offline reading can be a bit tricky. This guide provides a step by step tutorial on how to download stories from This guide is specifically geared towards adults, but it can also prove useful for individuals of all ages who enjoy reading fanfiction.

Navigate to

The first step for downloading stories need to navigate towards the official website. The website has a simple design and the first step would be to register or log into your current account. If you’re not logged into an account, some functionalities of the website may remain locked.

How to download stories adults

After you have logged in, you can either choose to browse available fanfiction or use the search bar to find specific stories, authors, or franchises. Use the filter to narrow down the search results based on genre, the status of the story (complete or in progress), and ratings.

Select Desired Story

Once you have our desired fanfic, click on the title to open up the story. In case the story is divided in chapters, only the first chapter would show. Don't worry though, as downloaded stories will include all chapters, regardless of the one you're currently viewing.

Before proceeding with story’s download, you should take a moment to read the story's summary and reviews. This will give you a quick insight of the story quality and if it's worth your time.

Using Third-Party Apps

Unfortunately, doesn't have a direct 'download' feature so you'll need to use a third-party website, browser extension, or app. Some popular choices include FanFictionDownloader, FicSave, and an Android app called Codex Reader. When using third-party apps, always ensure they're trustworthy and won't put your device at risk.

For a clean and intuitive user experience, Codex Reader is recommended. It allows you to browse, download and read fanfic right on your device. It supports several fanfiction sites, including However, if you don’t wish to download any apps, browser extensions like FanFictionDownloader or sites like FicSave do the job nicely.

Download Process

Let’s assume you’ve chosen to use FicSave. You start by copying the URL of the story you want to download from Next, you go to FicSave's website and paste the URL into the text box. Choose your preferred format (EPUB, MOBI, or PDF) and then click 'Download'.

After a few moments, your story should be available for download. Remember to save the downloaded file in a location you can easily access later. If you run into any issues, refresh FicSave's webpage and try again.

Reading the downloaded stories

Now that you've downloaded your story, it's time to read! If you prefer reading on your PC, you can use any default program that supports the chosen format. For mobile devices, you'll need a dedicated reading app. For example, MOBI files open up smoothly on the Kindle app whereas EPUB and PDF can be read on a variety of apps like Apple Books, Google Play Books and even Adobe Acrobat.

Remember, downloading fanfiction for offline reading should always be for personal use. Posting the stories elsewhere without the original author's consent is not fair or legal under copyright laws.

Commonly asked questions

Q: Is it safe to use third-party apps to download fan fiction?
A: While many third-party apps are safe, always ensure they are trustworthy and have good reviews.

Q: Can I download fanfiction on my phone?
A: Yes, you can. There are many apps like Codex available that allow you to download and read fan fiction on your phone.

Q: Do I need special software to read downloaded fanfiction?
A: No, any software that can read EPUB, PDF, or MOBI files will work.


You may want offline access to your favorite fanfiction for various reasons. Maybe you are planning a long trip without internet access, or maybe you just prefer to keep a personal library of your favorite reads. Whatever the reason, by following this guide, you can now easily download and keep those amazing stories you've been reading online.

Remember, fanfiction is written out of love for the universe it's based on, and respect for the author's work. Always use your downloads responsibly, and never repost without the original author's permission.

Happy reading!


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