How to get rid of ads on

2024-04-16 is an immensely popular platform, offering a diverse range of fan-created stories for various fandoms. However, the site is known for being plagued with ads which can disrupt your reading experience. So, how can you eliminate these intrusive advertisements? This detailed guide will show you how to efficiently rid of ads on from several different perspectives.

1. Use Ad Blockers

The first and most effective tool at your disposal for removing ads from any website, including, is ad blockers. These software applications such as AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, can prevent unwanted ads from appearing while you're browsing. They are usually available as browser extensions, making them easy to download and install. However, make sure to only download from trusted sources to avoid the risk of malware.

How to get rid of ads on

There are some ethical concerns regarding ad blockers as many websites rely on ads for revenue. But due to the intrusive nature of some advertisements, it can often warrant their usage for a pleasant browsing experience.

2. Adjust Browser Settings

Your web browser settings can also be adjusted to block certain advertisements. Most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have features that allow you to block pop-ups by default.

You can typically find these settings by navigating your browser's privacy settings. This method might not be as effective as using ad blockers, but it is a good alternative for those wanting to avoid installing additional extensions.

3. Install Premium Browsers

If you don't mind spending a bit, premium web browsers, like Brave, are also an option. These browsers, including their free versions, often come with integrated ad-blockers and privacy features.

Brave also supports some ethical advertising in which advertisements do not violate the user's privacy. So, you support ethical advertising and enjoy ad-free browsing.

4. Use's Premium Service offers a premium service that removes all advertisements. By subscribing to the premium service, you can enjoy an ad-free experience, faster updates, and additional features.

Although this option involves investing some money, it helps support the website and ensures continuous quality service and content.

5. Reading in Offline Mode

If the ads become too bothersome, one method to enjoy your fanfiction without interruptions is by reading in offline mode. You can download the stories you want to read and then switch off your internet.

This method doesn't block ads but avoids them, providing a clean ad-free reading experience. Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy your favorite fanfiction anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the best ad blockers for

AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and uBlock Origin are among the most effective and user-friendly ad blockers currently available which can be used on and other websites.

2. Can I get rid of ads on without paying anything?

Yes, you can. Utilizing ad blockers or adjusting browser settings can help you get rid of most ads on the website without any monetary expenditure, although these methods may not block all types of ads.

3. Will using an ad blocker affect the performance of my device or browser?

Most ad blockers are lightweight and designed not to compromise the performance of your device or browser. Some even help in enhancing browser performance by blocking resources-consuming ads.


The issue of advertisements on, or any other site, can be daunting but it's one that can be effectively managed. From ad-blocking extensions, modifying browser settings, to premium services, there are numerous strategies to improve your fanfiction-reading experience. Choose the method that suits your preferences and enjoy uninterrupted reading.


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