How to write fanfiction on

2024-04-09 is an online platform for fans to share creative stories based on movies, TV shows, books, video games, etc. It has been in existence since 1998, helping writers and readers connect over the love of popular culture. You don't necessarily have to be a professional writer to thrive on this platform. All you need is a passion for storytelling and a good understanding of the characters and world your chosen fiction is set in.

The website promotes an immersive writing and reading experience with its diverse content, featuring tens of thousands of fandoms and millions of users. This broad range of user-generated content is easy to navigate, refine, and explore. Its availability across devices, be it desktops, laptops, or mobile, makes it user-friendly.

How to write fanfiction on

2. Signing up for an account

Before you proceed to publish your fanfiction, you need to create an account on the platform. requires users to register with a valid email address. The process is simple which includes entering your date of birth, your preferred username, password, and email address. Make sure to verify your email to enjoy all functionalities on the platform.

Since the platform is committed to maintaining a secure environment for its users, privacy is ensured. They will not sell or share your personal information with third parties.

3. Understanding the rules

Like any thriving community, operates under rules that ensure respect, fairness, and decency among its participants. Materials that are sexually explicit, constitute hate speech, or violate copyright laws are not allowed. Users are also prohibited from harassing other users.

Also, profanity should be kept to a minimum, and content should appropriately align with the rating specified for it. It's essential as a writer to understand and abide by these rules that are meant to preserve the spirit of the community.

4. Choosing your Fandom

To start with, decide on the book, film, or show you want to write about. Select the category, subcategory, characters, and other features. Your fanfiction should be based on your understanding of the fandom, the character traits, and the uttermost respect for the original work. Try not to divert the characters' personalities too far from their original portrayal unless it is done with a purpose.

It is advised that you read plenty of other fanfictions within your chosen fandom first. This will not only give you ideas but also help you understand the audience's expectations better.

5. Planning your Story

Your plan should outline start, middle, and end, character profiles, plots, subplots etc. It provides a roadmap for your story and helps you keep track. Developing a consistent, narrative thread contributes to the goof flow and pacing that can keep readers interested and eager for more.

Remember, lack of planning often leads to the problem of plot holes and inconsistencies in your story, which could be harmful to your reader base. It's also a good idea to be clear about length and format. Will it be a short story, a multi-chapter work, etc.?

6. Writing your Story

After you have chosen your fandom and planned everything, now is the time to write your story. Be sure to maintain proper spelling and grammar throughout your work. It's a crucial aspect of writing and shouldn't be overlooked. Try to describe the characters, settings, and situations as vividly as possible without going overboard.

Write and revise as much as you can until you are fully satisfied with the work. Also, use dialogue to move your story forward. Dialogues can shine a light on various aspects of a character such as, personality, relationships, conflicts, etc.

7. Publishing your Story

Once you've written your fanfiction, it's time to share it with the world. Since most fanfictions are divided into chapters, you can publish them one by one. This keeps readers hooked and keeps them coming back for updates. Also, at the start of each chapter, include a title to give readers a hint of what to expect.

Try to upload your chapters regularly to build a faithful following. However, ensure you have worked on them thoroughly before putting them out. Keep in mind, once you publish a work on, it cannot be deleted unless it violates one of the site's rules.

8. Interacting with your audience

Receiving feedback is an invaluable part of writing. It helps you understand what works and what doesn't. Be open to feedback and interact with your readers regularly. Respond to reviews and clarify doubts if any. Stay humble irrespective of the praise or criticism you receive.

Also, be willing to learn from other writers and readers. Always strive to become a better writer. Most importantly, continue to enjoy the process of writing and storytelling, as this will reflect in your work and resonate with readers.

Commonly asked questions

Q: Can anyone post their works on A: Yes, anyone who follows the rules and guidelines of the website can post their works.

Q: Can I write about any fandom? A: Yes, you can write about any fandom as long as it's listed on the website.

Q: Can I delete my story after publishing? A: No, once a work is published on, it cannot be deleted unless it violates one of the site's rules.

This guide to writing fanfiction on should help beginners to start their journey. Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and every writer improves over time. Happy writing!


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