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In the world of fanfiction, the fantastical realm of DreamWorks Animation's 'How to Train Your Dragon' (HTTYD) offers a rich tapestry of material for fans to explore and expand upon in their work. As an amateur writer and fan of the franchise, I've ventured into crafting my own story set in the HTTYD universe, exploring uncharted territories, delving into the intriguing character dynamics, and, of course, designing new dragon species. Here, I present an overview of my fanfiction narrative project 'Into the Heart of Dragons' - a tale that intertwines adventure, friendship, and the indomitable spirit of dragon and human alike.

Story Setting

In writing 'Into the Heart of Dragons,' I've perceived a fresh angle to the colorful world of dragons and Vikings. My story embarks on a new island far from the familiar settings of Berk or the Hidden World—the Isle of Skald. A place rife with labyrinthine caves and dense forests, the Isle of Skald is filled with secrets waiting to be unlocked.

How train your dragon fanfiction

This distance from established locations allows my characters to encounter an array of never-before-seen dragons and confront challenges independent of the main HTTYD timeline. While still retaining elements that make the HTTYD universe distinct, this setting also permits greater creative freedom for the narrative.

Original Characters

'Into the Heart of Dragons' centres around two original characters—Kelda, a willful and curious Viking girl, and Stormscale, a rare Sea Slicker Dragon with an uncanny intelligence. As readers, you will witness their relationship blossom from caution and suspicion to a deep and powerful bond that mirrors the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless.

Kelda's character arc loops from isolation to acceptance and leadership, whereas Stormscale, initially misjudged for his menacing appearance, becomes a revered protector of the Isle. The interactions and experiences of these characters provide the heartbeat of the narrative.

Story Plot

'Into the Heart of Dragons' unveils as Skald's peace is disturbed by an alarming surge in dragon attacks, compelling Kelda and Stormscale to investigate. Unraveling their island's connection to an old Viking-Dragon war, they must leverage their growing bond to stave off a looming catastrophe.

The narrative probes into dragon myths, hidden treasures, and the ancestral history of the Islanders, while echoing the core HTTYD themes of understanding and peacefully cohabitating with dragons.

Dragon Designs

One of the major appeals of HTTYD is its variety of unique dragons. Given this, I've endeavored to craft an interesting assortment of dragon species. From the elegant Starwing Drakes to the terrifying Wraithrenders, these new dragon classes add a new level of thrill and wonder to the HTTYD universe.

Each dragon species possesses distinctive characteristics, habitats, and behaviors that Kelda and Stormscale learn throughout their journey. This adds richer detail to the world-building and significantly helps in scene building.

Incorporation of HTTYD Elements

While 'Into the Heart of Dragons' explores new protagonists, settings, and plots, I've ensured to incorporate beloved HTTYD elements. Subtle references, cameos, and the spirit of human-dragon camaraderie permeate the narrative, bringing comfort and familiarity amidst the newness.

Linking to Fanfiction Platforms

'Into the Heart of Dragons' is primarily published on, a long-standing platform favored for its extensive fan communities and accessible tools for writers. However, I also decided to use Archive Of Our Own (AO3), an equally popular website with convenient tagging and search functions. I've found both platforms effective in gathering feedback and engaging with readers.

For any issues encountered on these websites, I refer to their comprehensive FAQs. Moreover, they both offer tools for reporting issues and seeking support, although the level of response varies due to volume and staffing.

Common F.A.Q.

1. Why did I choose HTTYD for my fanfiction?
I chose HTTYD because of its rich and colorful world-building, memorable characters, and an impressive array of dragons. It leaves enough space for character and plot expansion, hence a perfect canvas for fanfiction.
2. Do my original characters interact with the main HTTYD protagonists?
While my storyline occurs independently of the core HTTYD plot, there are references and minor intersections. However, primarily, it's a standalone narrative.
3. Where can I contact you for feedback or inquiries?
My profiles on and AO3 both have options through which readers can leave comments and send messages. I eagerly anticipate feedback to improve!

Writing 'Into the Heart of Dragons' has been an exciting journey through the mesmerizing world of HTTYD. Whether you're a novice or seasoned reader, it's a tale that I believe provides a fresh perspective on the series' enduring themes of adventure, friendship, and acceptance.


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