What fanfiction is red white and royal blue based on


Red, White, and Royal Blue, penned by Casey McQuiston is a novel that has constantly been linked with the world of fanfiction. While the book is not explicitly based on any specific fanfiction, it incorporates heavy elements of the genre and could easily fit into the mold of Alternate Universe fanfictions. Today, we are going to look into various aspects that link this book with fanfiction, such as theme exploration, structure & style, and character development.

Theme Exploration

Red, White & Royal Blue explores themes central to many fanfictions. One of the most prevalent is the "Enemies to Lovers trope." Here, we have the First Son of the United States, Alex, and Prince Henry of Wales who initially couldn't stand each other, but through circumstances and shared experiences, they develop a romantic relationship, this ties closely to many fanfictions.

What fanfiction is red white and royal blue based on

Another theme is the exploration of LGBTQ+ relationships which is a common subject matter in fanfiction. McQuiston beautifully explores the intricate dynamics of such relationships within repressive and judgmental environments.

Structure and Style

The writing style of the book remarkably mirrors the structure utilized within fanfictions. It boasts of a fluid narrative, tinged with humour, mature and heartfelt moments much like many fanfictions which oscillate between light-hearted fun and deep emotional journeys. The "Real-Person fanfiction" where the characters are real but placed in alternate realities is very similar to Red, White & Royal Blue's premise.

Furthermore, the use of emails and text messages, along with the third person narrative common in fanfiction, enriches the storytelling, making it more engaging and personal.

Character Development

Character development is another crucial element which draws connections between Red, White & Royal Blue and fanfiction. Most fanfictions love to delve into the evolution of characters, the progress they make and their depth. This is no different from the character transformation we see in Alex and Henry.

Their relationship and subsequent development is slowly build, focused and well explained, shedding light on their individual personalities and their dynamics - a trait prevalent in many fanfictions.

Inspiration and Creation

Casey McQuiston, the author, has been open about her love for fanfiction. She learned to write through it and the hobby played a significant part in forming her narrative voice. Her inaugural novel is an example of celebrating fanfiction while creating something that stands tall on its own merit.

Though the novel is an original work, the fanfiction-style elements incorporated only adds to the appeal, making it more relatable to the readers familiar with the genre.

Commonly asked Questions:

Q1: Is Red, White and Royal Blue based on a specific fanfiction?
A: No, Red, White and Royal Blue is not based on a specific fanfiction. However, it does incorporate elements of fanfiction genre.

Q2: Is the style of Red, White and Royal Blue similar to fanfictions?
A: Yes, the style and structure of Red, White and Royal Blue is similar to many fanfictions with its use of alternating points-of-view, story pacing, character development and exploration of themes.

Q3: Is there a sequel to Red, White and Royal Blue?
A: As of now, there is no sequel to Red, White and Royal Blue. However, Casey McQuiston has not ruled out the possibility of a sequel in the future.


Although Red, White & Royal Blue is not directly based on a particular fanfiction, its influences from the genre are clear and perhaps, fanfiction fans could even say comfortably that it feels like a polished, published fanfiction. This not only highlights the growing acceptance of fanfiction-like narratives but it's also a testament to the power fanfiction holds within the literary scene today.


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