What if lee was never bitten fanfiction


In the world of fanfiction, limitless possibilities beckon. Writers maneuver beloved characters through timelines that wander far from the main narrative, exploring multitudes of 'what-ifs'. Delving into such a scenario, let's shape an alternate universe for The Walking Dead game, where our protagonist Lee Everett was never bitten.

The Circumstances of the Bite

In canon, Lee is bitten while rummaging through a marsh house. In our alternate universe, however, Lee and Clementine, his juvenile companion, never encounter walkers in the house. This deviation alters the course of the story in numerous ways, offering endless scenarios to explore.

What if lee was never bitten fanfiction

Just by avoiding the bite, Lee receives a new lease upon the post-apocalyptic existence. Critical moments such as amputating his arm and his heartbreaking farewell from Clementine never unfold.


The relationships Lee harbors with other characters undergo substantial changes. He navigates complex dynamics with Kenny, a fiercely dedicated family man, resulting in intense disagreements with him regarding the group's survival. Since Kenny's perspective was largely shaped by Lee's mortality, with an unharmed Lee, their bond might grow stronger, aligning them better on survival strategies.

The profound bond Lee shares with Clementine would also change. Lee continues to nurture and protect her, forging stronger trust and dependence, altering Clementine's development and future decisions.


With his mind unclouded by imminent death, Lee proves a more assertive and focused leader. He resolves disputes, devises strategies, and makes tough calls, which ultimately improves the group's survival odds.

Characters like Ben Paul, who was often belittled and coerced into proving his worth, might have fared better under Lee's guidance, reshaping their dynamics and characters' development within the group.

Character Development

Lee's character would evolve differently; his survival instinct and dedication to Clementine fueling a fiercer and more resourceful survivor. Other group members could look up to him more, leading to interesting power dynamics and potential conflicts.

Lee's survival also impacts Clementine's character development profoundly. Instead of being thrust into leadership at a tender age, she matures under Lee's care, shaping her into a more rounded character with deep inklings of hope and resilience.

Game's Overall Plot

Removing the bite dramatically changes the game's plot. Lee being a steadfast companion for Clementine impacts her decision making in crucial upcoming situations, like choosing her companions or strategizing group's survival.

The game's ending also changes significantly. Lee's survival replaces the poignant farewell sequence with something far less tragic while potentially extending the story arc further.

Reception: Canon VS Fanfiction

Canonical storylines and fanfiction often run on parallel tracks in fan culture debacles. Fans usually cherish the alternative universes of fanfiction, relishing the opportunity to reshape tragic or unsatisfying outcomes. An unharmed Lee is a scenario that most fans would welcome, preferring to have him guide Clementine through her formative years.

However, other fans might favour the emotional intensity of the canon narrative. The intensity of Lee's death and Clementine's subsequent hardship was a narrative detail that resonated deeply with many players, prompting emotional investment in her survival and growth.


The Walking Dead game's narrative depends heavily on its characters. If Lee had never been bitten, the story would have emerged differently, introducing intriguing character evolvements and extensive plotlines. Regardless of the proposed alternate universe, The Walking Dead game's canon storyline remains a powerfully emotional narrative that captivated audiences worldwide.


Q. Can fanfiction change the canon storyline? A. No, fanfiction is an interpretation or extension of the original storyline by fans, and does not officially alter the canon.

Q. Is there any software I can use to write fanfiction? A. Yes, various websites and applications support fanfiction writing, such as FanFiction.Net and AO3 (Archive Of Our Own), both of which offer expansive communities to share and discuss stories.

Q. How would Lee's survival impact The Walking Dead game? A. Lee's survival would dramatically alter the original game's plotline, possibly lengthening the story arc and causing significant changes in characters, relationships, and decision-making events.

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