What if spider man kept the symbiote fanfiction


In the Marvel comics, Spiderman's encounter with the alien symbiote is one of his most exciting story arcs. However, the narrative always ends with Spiderman shedding the symbiote to become himself again. But what if he didn't? What if Spiderman kept the symbiote instead?

This article explores this imaginative scenario in several aspects and demonstrates the fascinating implications it would have had on the Marvel Universe.

What if spider man kept the symbiote fanfiction

1. Evolution into a Spider-Venom

If Spiderman kept the symbiote, he would eventually evolve into a character akin to Venom, but more enriched with the traits of Spiderman. His powers would increase exponentially, with improved strength, agility, and web-slinging capabilities.

Moreover, Spiderman would possess the symbiote's ability to shapeshift, adding another dynamic dimension to his skill set. Given Peter Parker's scientific genius, he could utilize the symbiote's abilities in unique and innovative ways beyond Eddie Brock's Venom would ever possibly think of.

2. New Challenges

Living with the symbiote would also bring its fair share of challenges for Spiderman. The symbiote has a sinister and manipulative personality, often trying to take over its host's psyche.

Peter would have to wage a constant internal battle against the symbiote's nefarious intentions while balancing his personal life and superhero responsibilities. This could bring a darker edge to Spiderman's character, a curveball alien to our affable web-slinger.

3. Altered Relations

An increasingly symbiote-influenced Spiderman would also significantly affect his inter-personal relationships. Mary Jane, Aunt May, and his allies in the superhero community would face the brunt of his changing character.

Peter would also face an even more profound sense of isolation, between his responsibilities to protect New York City and his affiliation with the hostile symbiote. The emotional turbulence may lead to multiple exciting storylines, as his relationships strain and subsequently evolve.

4. Enemies and Adversaries

An "enhanced" Spiderman would impact his jousts with enemies and likely add a more sinister touch to his fights. Some of Spiderman's traditional adversaries might join forces to combat the increasingly powerful and unpredictable web-slinger.

This sequence of events could introduce a whole new wave of antagonists to his universe, including alien species and other symbiotes. Carnage's introduction could be a significant storyline, given it's essentially a symbiote offshoot, leading to an epic battle between the two hybrids.

5. Impact on the Avengers

Spiderman's relationship with the Avengers would also undergo a drastic change. With his new powers and increasingly volatile personality, the dynamic between him and other team members would be tense at best, fracturing at worst.

His presence might even lead the Avengers to reconsider their recruitment strategies and protocols, in light of the potential dangers posed by harboring an unstable symbiote host within their ranks.

6. Implication on the Marvel Universe

Spiderman keeping the symbiote would lead to seismic shifts throughout the Marvel Universe. From impacting other characters' storylines to introducing new villains and anti-heroes, the potential for wide-reaching changes is immense.

This could also invite crossovers with other alien entities in the Marvel Universe, opening up interesting cross-universe interactions. It would effectively stretch the boundaries of what's conceivable in the traditional Marvel Universe.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Scenario

1. Would Spiderman become a villain if he kept the Symbiote? It's highly unlikely. Spiderman is fiercely dedicated to responsibility and righteousness. Despite the symbiote's influence, he might not become a villain, but a more nuanced and conflicted anti-hero perhaps.

2. How would Spiderman's relationship with Eddie Brock change? Given that Eddie is Venom's usual host, their strained relations might turn more hostile, perhaps leading to explosive confrontations.

3. Would this scenario change Spiderman's relationship with the Black Cat? It's likely to change quite dramatically. The Black Cat is no stranger to walking the fine line between right and wrong, and Spiderman's symbiote-fueled transformation could bring them closer or tear them apart.

This article is purely speculative and based on a hypothetical scenario. However, it presents an intriguing perspective on how Spiderman's storyline could have unfolded if he had not parted ways with the symbiote. The concept explores the endless possibilities that exist in the world of comic writing, proving that even established narratives have the potential for intriguing diversions.

For a comprehensive take on the Spiderman-Symbiote story arc, refer to the following: 1. The Amazing Spiderman Series (Marvel Comics) 2. The Spectacular Spiderman Animated Series (Nickelodeon).

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