What is a lemon fanfiction


Fanfiction, as the fusion of two words - 'fan' and 'fiction' - suggests, are fictional stories written by avid admirers of certain fandoms. These include books, movies, TV shows, and other forms of media. They contain characters, settings, and plot concepts borrowed from the original work, shaped and manipulated by the fans' imagination. 'Lemon' is a term that has its origins specifically within the context of fanfiction. In this article, we'll delve deeper into what exactly is a 'lemon' fanfiction and its various aspects.

Origin of Lemon:

The term 'lemon' sprung from the Japanese anime and manga fandom. The origin of this term is often debated, but many believe it arose from a hentai anime in the 1980s, called 'Cream Lemon', which focused on sexually explicit content. Over time, 'lemon' became a universal term in fanfiction communities to label stories with graphic sexual content.

What is a lemon fanfiction

This term not only applies to anime or manga but has expanded to western comics, books, films, and TV show fandoms. Despite its non-universal yet wide-ranging acceptance, it’s not uncommon for writers and readers alike to bypass age-restrictions on fanfiction sites with the use of the term 'lemon' in their story descriptions or tags.

Lemon vs Lime:

In fanfiction terminology, 'lemon' and 'lime' are two distinguishable terms. Both imply adult-themed content, but they differ in the intensity of the sexual scenes described. A 'lemon' involves graphic and explicit sexual activities, where 'lime' leans more towards sensual and erotic content, without the explicitness of a 'lemon'.

However, the description depends heavily on the writer’s interpretation and discretion. Some fandoms may use these terms differently, just as how some may not use it at all. It’s always best to check the author’s notes or tags for clarity, or the platform's rules and guidelines before delving into the story.

Lemon and its Relation to the Age Reader:

Given the adult content they contain, lemon fanfictions are expected to be restricted to 18 and above readers. Most fanfiction sites, like AO3 (Archive of Our Own) or have clear guidelines about age-restricted content.

However, policing this is practically impossible. It’s not unheard of for underage readers to bypass this by dishonestly claiming they are of age or using platforms that lack strict age-related controls, thus sparking debates about the suitability of the internet for minors.

Ratings in Lemon Fanfictions:

It is common for writers of lemon fanfictions to rate their work. On ao3, the platform provides four ratings: General, Teen, Mature, and Explicit. 'Explicit' usually contains Lemon. It’s always crucial to consider these ratings to provide a safe, indulging, and comfortable reading experience for all.

In practice, however, not all lemons are created equal. Although labeled as explicit, the intensity and graphic nature of the sexual content in these stories can vary greatly depending on the author's writing style. Some may include detailed descriptions, others only allusions to sex, while some others may furnish the barest minimum information regarding the act.

Lemon Fanfiction and Consent:

The world of lemon fanfictions occasionally treads murky waters when it comes to consent. Not all lemon fanfictions put consent paramount. Stories can often depict characters engaging in sexual activities without explicit consent. This has led to numerous discussions on the responsibility of writers in portraying sex and the lack of proper education about consent in sexual relations.


In conclusion, a 'lemon' fanfiction is a sub-genre of fanfiction literature where stories contain explicit sexual content. This term, originated from anime and manga fandom, has now become a staple in various other fandoms. It’s often explicitly tagged or labelled as such, and is intended only for mature audiences. However, it's essential for readers and writers alike to remember that such content should be consumed or written responsibly.

Commonly Asked Questions about Lemon Fanfictions:

1. Are all fanfictions lemon? No, ‘lemon�is just a sub-genre catering to stories with explicit sexual content.

2. Is reading lemon fanfiction legal? Yes, reading lemon fanfiction is legally permissible. However, explicit sexual content should only be accessed by readers above the age of 18, and it’s the responsibility of the reader to adhere to this guideline.

3. Can lemon fanfictions be hosted on all fanfiction websites? No, the policies regarding explicit sexual content vary. Some platforms allow such fanfictions, while others, such as WattPad, have strict rules against it.


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