What is wrong with

2024-04-16, often abbreviated as FFN, is one of the oldest and most notable fanfiction websites on the internet. Founded in 1998, it permits anyone to write and distribute fan-made stories derived from various copyrighted works, ranging from anime, manga, films, books, television shows, and more, for everyone to read for free. Despite its popularity and longevity, FFN has been critiqued on many fronts. Below is an overview of some areas of concern regarding

1. Design and User Interface

A key concern with is its outdated and clunky design. The website has barely changed since its initial launch over two decades ago and may be off-putting to users accustomed to slicker, modern designs. The text is small and dense and can be overwhelming to users.

What is wrong with

Moreover, the site navigation is not intuitive. There is an excessive use of drop-down menus, and numerous essential features are buried under them. Juxtapose that with the more modern websites like Archive of Our Own (AO3), a platform renowned for its user-friendly interface, and the stark contrast could not be more apparent.

2. Censorship and Content Regulation

Another issue is content regulation on the website. While there is indeed an imperative to protect readers from explicit or graphic content, FFN's overzealous censorship policies have faced widespread criticism.

Several authors have reported their work being removed without any warning for minor infringement, such as usage of mature language or violent scenes. This lack of transparency in content regulation makes it a frustrating platform for many authors.

3. Missing Features lacks a number of features that can enhance user experience. For instance, there is no built-in feature for leaving kudos or bookmarks, which are popular mechanisms for readers to express their appreciation on platforms like AO3. Not to mention, the absence of such a feature also makes it difficult for authors to gauge their story popularity.

Furthermore, the site does not support story downloads, which are a major convenience for readers who may wish to access the content offline. For a website that has been around as long as, it appears to lag when catering to modern user consumption habits.

4. Lack of Administrative Responsiveness

A critical concern with is a lack of administrative responsiveness. Numerous users have reported their complaints and issues going unnoticed and unresolved by site administrators. This often leaves users feeling frustrated and powerless when they encounter issues with the site.

Issues include difficulties with account recovery, problems posting stories, and even harassment from other users. Without a supportive administrative response, the invisible facade of site management can be deeply troubling for its users.

5. Plagiarism

Lastly, FFN has long struggled with plagiarism. Given the open nature of the site, it is an easy target for individuals copying another's work and passing it off as their own. Furthermore, the site's report function is often non-responsive, thereby facilitating a culture of plagiaristic behaviour.

There is no algorithm in place to check for stolen content, and often it is down to the original authors and dedicated readers to identify and report plagiarism. This absence of a system robustly checking such unethical practices places substantial burden on authors and can discourage future original content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is safe to use?
While is generally safe to browse and read, its lack of administrative responsiveness and overzealous content regulation may pose some frustrations to writers and readers alike.

2. How does deal with explicit content? has strict rules dealing with explicit content, often to the point of overzealousness. The website is known to remove content without warning if it is found to violate their policies, even for minor and unintentional infringement.

3. How does compare to alternatives such as Archive of Our Own (AO3)?
AO3 is often cited as a superior alternative to This is due to its friendlier user interface, wider range of feature support and more relaxed content regulation policies.


While remains a major player in the world of fanfiction due to its longevity and size, the aforementioned issues constitute significant weak spots in the user experience. To remain relevant and competitive, it is critical for the platform to embrace change, modernize its design, become more intuitive, reduce censorship, and be more vigilant on plagirism.

With such improvements, would undoubtedly enhance the overall experience of its authors and readers, thereby securing its place in an increasingly competitive landscape. Only time will tell if can rise to the challenge and adapt to the changing tides of the digital age.


There are no direct references available for this article, as the observations and comparisons made are based on general usage and publicly known information about the website.

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