Where to read fanfiction manga


Reading fanfiction manga, a genre of works that is inspired by published manga series, has become increasingly popular over the years, with original content created by enthusiastic fans worldwide. Resources for accessing these fan-generated content are plentiful and come in many forms such as online platforms, mobile applications, and even printed books. This article will provide a detailed exploration of where to read fanfiction manga, including website, application recommendations, and comparisons, with a sprinkling of humor along the way because after all, manga is all about enjoyment!

1. Archive of Our Own (AO3)

Starting off on our journey, you'd best brace yourself for the endless supply of fanfiction manga on Archive of Our Own. Founded by the Organization for Transformative Works, AO3 offers an expansive and organized fan-created collection spanning numerous manga series. One of the appealing features of this site is the detailed and functional tagging system, allowing the reader to filter works based on their preferred manga, characters, themes, and much more.

Where to read fanfiction manga

From a user's perspective, AO3 has built a reputation for being user-friendly, endorsing creative liberties with an emphasis on inclusivity. However, as comprehensive and diverse as AO3's library may be, there are instances when you might have to sift through numerous tagged works to find the "one." Still, on the bright side, AO3 is always chock-full with surprises, leaving you anticipating the next great read!

2. Wattpad

Moving to the next stop, Wattpad comes to mind as another go-to source for fanfiction manga content. As a recognized global community in the world of online literature, the platform boasts a massive userbase contributing and consuming various fanfiction manga genres. With Wattpad's app available on Android and iOS, you can dive into your favorite fan stories anytime, anywhere.

Wattpad's integrated community features are also worth noting. Readers can engage directly with authors through comments, partake in writing competitions, and even engage in collaborative storytelling. However, bear in mind that Wattpad tends to be heavily populated by amateur writers, and hence quality control can be sometimes lax. Yet who knows, you may stumble upon a diamond in the rough, and witness the author's growth over time!

3. FanFiction.Net

FanFiction.Net, another formidable player in the fanfiction realm. Providing a rich and endless selection of fanfiction manga, this platform allows readers to explore and delve into the universes of their favorite manga. One highlight of is its review system, which enables readers to give productive criticism and engage with authors.

However, the website design and navigation may seem a bit old-style compared to newer platforms like Wattpad and AO3. Additionally, its categorization system is less refined, which may be daunting for new users. But for seasoned fanfiction enthusiasts, it's a treasure trove of imaginative content.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Can I publish my own Fanfiction Manga on these platforms?
A: Absolutely. All the platforms mentioned are user-generated content platforms. Each one encourages creativity and the sharing of fan-created works.

Q: Is fanfiction manga legal?
A: Yes, fanfiction is typically viewed as a derivative work, a legal area that can be controversial but mostly tolerated by original creators as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.

Q: Is the content on these platforms free to read?
A: Yes, most of the content on the platforms is freely accessible. There are however options for users to support their favorite authors through donations or purchasing premium content, depending on the platform.


Finding a good outlet to read fanfiction manga is all about knowing where to look. Resources like Archive of Our Own, Wattpad, and FanFiction.Nett provide a fantastic starting point for diving into the grand realm of fan-created manga. Above all, they foster creative communities that are open, inclusive, and constantly evolving. With a bit of exploration, an open mind, and a thirst for adventure, you're set to begin your fanfiction manga journey.

So, whether you're a die-hard fan of "Naruto" or can't get enough of romcom series like "Kaguya-sama: Love is War," there's certainly a piece of fan-created manga just for you!

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