Why don't we fanfiction


Behind the glitter and glam of the stage façade, the members of Why Don't We, a rising pop band consisting of five talented young men, are bustling with pre-show preparations. Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, Jonah, and Zachary are each absorbed in their respective worlds - tuning instruments, rehearsing harmonies, and hyping each other up for the big event. Despite their individual preoccupations, a strong sense of teamwork pervades the backstage atmosphere - a camaraderie born out of shared dreams and struggles. The band prides itself on its harmonious chemistries both on and off stage.

At the same time, interactions amongst the members are not always smooth and tranquil. They each have distinct personalities, and conflicts are inevitable. However, difficulties are treated as stepping stones towards their professional growth. They learn to reconcile conflicts with maturity and understanding - presenting a powerful message to their young audience on the importance of resolving disagreements with patience and respect.

Why don't we fanfiction

Chapter 2: Personal Pursuits

Apart from their time in the band, the members are also dedicated to personal passions and individual pursuits. Jonah loves photography and frequently documents the band’s journeys. Daniel has a passion for fashion, branding himself as a style chameleon with ever-changing looks. Corbyn, on the other hand, is a techie who is constantly glued to gaming apps like GamePigeon and Clash Royale.

These distinct hobbies all contribute to the band’s evolution. Jonah's exceptional photography skills help to promote the band through high-quality, artistic visuals. Daniel's fashion consciousness adds an extra dimension to their public appearance. Corbyn uses his tech-savvy skills to engage with their fan base on social media platforms and gaming platforms alike. Zach and Jack have yet to land on specific hobbies, but their dedication to music more than compensates.

Chapter 3: Artistic Style

Their musical style is a fusion of pop, R&B, and electronic dance music, coupled with a hint of reggae �each member contributing their unique vocal stylings to create a fresh sound. However, their creative process doesn't stop at just singing. They're known for writing their own lyrics and producing their music, revealing their multi-talented artistic capabilities.

This has also sparked a curiosity among fans regarding their creative process. The five members often discuss potential themes for songs in group chats on WhatsApp, and ideas can come from anywhere - a line from a book, a memorable event, or simple emotions. They then meet up in one of their home studios (Corbyn's seems to be a favorite due to his epic collection of Star Wars merchandise) to hash out the details, finalize lyrics and experiment with beats until they're satisfied with the outcome.

Conclusion: Fans' Queries

Fan Question 1: How did they decide on the name 'Why Don't We'?

Answer: It came from a simple phrase they often used when discussing potential opportunities or music ideas. Instead of overthinking or hesitating, they'd simply say 'Why don't we...?'

Fan Question 2: Who has the craziest fans?

Answer: All of them have enthusiastic fans, but Zach's fans are known for their creativity - like making helmets out of Corn Flakes boxes, in homage to his favorite breakfast cereal.

Fan Question 3: Are they planning an international tour?

Answer: They hope to do so, and frequently discuss potential locations on Twitter and Instagram, but no official announcements have been made yet.

For more information about the band, refer to their website at, or their individual Twitter and Instagram profiles.


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