A discovery of witches fanfiction ao3


In the realm of the supernatural, where the impossible meets reality, each tale highlights a unique character's journey towards self-discovery. One such memorable journey is many devoted reader's beloved best-selling books and series, "A Discovery of Witches," penned by Deborah Harkness. The following piece unfolds a fan's perspective, a unique retelling that plunges into the depths of immortal love, endless harrowing life lessons, and unspeakable magic.

The Veil Lifts

Our story starts with Diana Bishop, a historian of science and a witch in denial, inadvertently calling an elusive, bewitched manuscript, Ashmole 782, in Oxford's century-old Bodleian Library. Unknown to her, this event stirs the curiosity of creatures dwelling in the cloudy veil of society, especially the enigmatic, 1500-year-old vampire, Matthew Clairmont.

A discovery of witches fanfiction ao3

Matthew, like many supernatural creatures, yearns to unravel the secrets enclosed in Ashmole 782. This manuscript is believed to hold the origins of creatures. With its re-emergence, Diana finds herself entangled with Matthew and an inevitable journey that beckons them both.

FanFiction and AO3

This fanfiction piece, available at Archive of Our Own (AO3), expands the universe of "A Discovery of Witches" further. AO3 is a well-known fanfiction archive, with millions of registered users worldwide, making it easier for the fans to explore the realms that potentially stretch beyond author's original work.

The tale posted on AO3 follows the canon closely, but allows fans to independently create, explore, and imagine their character arcs, plot twists, and potential endings, maintaining their respect for the original author's work.

Twining Destinies

Expanding on the romantic ties between Diana and Matthew, the fanfiction delves into the intricacies of immortal love. It explores the vast impact of death and time on their relationship, especially on a vampire who has witnessed whole historical eras pass by.

An opportune encounter blossoms into a forbidden love story, outlined by the ripples of uncertainty and fear of being caught by the Congregation - the governing body of the supernatural world. Intricate details of love and loss, trust and despair, frame their journey towards accepting their entwined destines.

Enduring the Maze

The fanfiction takes the readers through their journey of teaching Diana to control her power, revisit her lineage's profound witch heritage, and Matthew's unwavering support navigating this maze. Lives of witches, vampires, and daemons get twisted around this central struggle for power, control, and preservation.

Exploring Time

Diana and Matthew's time travel to the Elizabethan era, to seek help, adds an enchanting backdrop to their love story. Experiencing the world through a lens of historical events and personages invites an added layer of intrigue and allure to the narrative in the fanfiction.

A Light on Darkness

The fanfiction provides an insightful look into Matthew's dark past, exploring the facets of vampiric morality and the endless haunting mirage of immortality. It delves into his psyche and the inexplicable bond connecting him and Diana beyond time, challenging the norms of the supernatural world.


Q: What is Archive of Our Own (AO3)?
A: AO3 is a popular fanfiction-dedicated platform where users can post, read, and interact with fan-created works, expanding their favourite universe beyond the original creator's work.

Q: How will this fanfiction differ from the original series?
A: This fanfiction will follow the original narrative closely, with possible deviations and unique interpretation in character arcs and plot points, encouraging fans to explore and imagine possibilities.

Q: Is this fanfiction endorsed by the author Deborah Harkness?
A: This fanfiction is a work by fans and is not officially endorsed by Deborah Harkness. It aims to celebrate and explore the "Discovery of Witches" universe independently while respecting the original work.


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