A little life fanfiction


Just like the original novel written by Hanya Yanagihara, this fanfiction attempts to trace the life of its main characters - Jude, Willem, JB, and Malcolm - albeit from a lighter perspective. This fanfiction named "A Trajectory of Healing" creates an alternate universe where trauma is still a reality but comes with a promise of hope and recovery. Now, let's dive into the different aspects of this fanfiction.

The Reimagined Origin Story

The narrative remains loyal to the fact that these four men met and bonded in college. However, in this fanfic, the comradeship between them develops in a shared sociology lecture rather than a random suite assignment. The men form a friendship based on shared interests, humor, and, most importantly, a supportive environment that encourages open conversations about mental health and struggles.

A little life fanfiction

An added storyline in the fanfiction explains how during Malcolm's sophomore year, he realizes he's struggling with depression. This subplot beautifully ties into the original story by helping Malcolm realize his empathy towards his friend, Jude, and his struggles later in life.

A Shift in Narrative Focus

The fanfic shifts its focal point from Jude's silent suffering to a collective process of understanding and dealing with their traumas. We see all the characters experience, express, and discuss their struggles—the story reframes their camaraderie, emphasizing the shared resolution and individual emotional growth.

In this piece, Willem's character is given much-deserved limelight. He is painted as an emotionally intelligent figure who helps Jude bridge the gap between his traumatic past and the potential of a hopeful future. The depth added to Willem's character is a welcome change.

Introducing App Based Mental Health Support

The fanfiction introduces a smartphone app named "HeadSafe", which the characters use to cope with their mental health challenges. The app, which serves as a safe space for expression, offers resources for therapy, organizes support groups, and also connects users to professionals. The inclusion of this digital tool adds a contemporary touch to the narrative.

"HeadSafe" also symbolizes a proactive approach to mental health. The characters' interaction with the app and it's used as a plot-device emphasizes the normalization and prioritization of mental health in their lives.

Emphasis on Professional Help

A key difference in this fanfic is the emphasis on seeking professional help for mental health. The fanfic n arrative normalizes the need to see therapists and mental health professionals, breaking stigma often associated with it.

Jude's character is shown benefitting from therapy, which diverges from the original narrative by showing him on a path of healing, portraying his journey with a shimmer of hope.

Popular FAQs about "A Trajectory of Healing" Fanfiction

Q: Does the fanfic remain true to the original novel? A: While it takes inspiration from "A Little Life", the fanfic presents an alternate narrative with emphasized mental health support and recovery.

Q: Is the character of Jude still as complex and suffering in the fanfic? A: Though Jude's struggles continue, the fanfic presents his journey in a hopeful light with professional help and support from his friends.

Q: Do the other characters still have the same issues as in the novel? A: While the fanfiction maintains the original character traits, personal battles are balanced with emphasis on healing and acceptance.


Yanagihara, H. (2015). A Little Life. Doubleday.


This fanfiction is a love letter to the transformative power of friendship, support, and professional help. It reiterates one of the novel's primary themes - the resilient human spirit to persistently seek love and life amidst life's traumas - and offers a narrative focused on healing rather than enduring.

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