A moana fanfiction


1. Context

This fanfiction takes place after the events of the Disney film "Moana." Our favorite Wayfinder has returned to her home on the island of Motunui, where she has taken up her role as chief. Yet, Moana's heart yearns for adventure, and the Ocean isn't finished with her yet.

2. The Call to Adventure

One day, Moana discovers a stranded baby sea turtle on the beach. As she helps it return to the sea, she's reminded of her connection to the Ocean. The baby turtle's plight provides her with a new adventure - to discover the cause of their stranding and restore balance to the Ocean.

A moana fanfiction

3. Side Characters

Aiding Moana on her journey is, of course, her faithful chicken sidekick Heihei. All the familiar faces from the movie, such as Gramma Tala in spirit form and her loyal parents Chief Tui and Sina, provide support from home base.

4. Desktop Quest

As part of this fanfiction story, a fun interactive desktop game called "Moana Ocean Quest" is used to enhance the fanfic experience. It is an app game designed with a detailed world map and quests related to Moana's new adventure. A detailed review of this app game displays its astonishing graphics, smooth controls, and engaging storyline.

5. Conflict

There are obstacles in this adventure. Moana finds out that excessive fishing activities have led to the sea turtles' disorientation. Her challenge: convince the other island chiefs, resistant to change, to adopt more sustainable fishing methods.

6. Maui's Role

Maui, Moana's demigod friend, supports her once again in her quests. With his shape-shifting abilities and experiences, he can provide much-needed support during encounters with mystical creatures or island politics.

7. Moana’s Leadership

This fanfiction story displays Moana's growth in leadership. From bargaining with her peers to leading her own people, Moana is portrayed with great strength, intelligence, determination, and heart - traits that make a true leader.

8. Conclusion

The fanfiction concludes with Moana stopping excessive fishing activities, saving the marine creatures and ensuring the survival of her people. As she stands on the shore observing the now safe sea turtles, Moana understands that her connection with the ocean isn't just about the spirit of adventure, but about stewardship and responsibility as well.

Common Questions

Q1: Why is Moana's fight against excessive fishing important? A: Besides showing Moana's leadership, it also touches on real-world issues, reminding readers of the importance of marine conservation. Q2: Is "Moana Ocean Quest" a real game? A: No, it's a fictional creation for this fanfiction. Q3: Will Maui have a bigger role in this story? A: While Maui aids Moana like in the film, the focus remains on Moana as she charts her own destiny.


Disney's Moana Official Movie (2016)

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