A song of ice and fire fanfiction shepard


The land of Westeros is well-known for its prominent families, savage political struggle, and supernatural threats. George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series offers a complex world full of depth and richness. This fanfiction story adds a twist to the tale established by Martin, by introducing a new character, a shepherd, who unwittingly becomes a key player in the game of thrones.

Introduction of the Shepherd

Geneth, the shepherd, is a humble, poor man living in the outskirts of the Riverlands. Although being a shepherd is not an esteemed profession in Westeros, Geneth has a rich spiritual life which is largely shaped by old tales and local nature. His significant contribution to bloodlines and power dynamics of great houses results in a completely altered arc of Westeros history.

A song of ice and fire fanfiction shepard

The podcaster George R.R. Martin aficionado attests that this character is delightful and heartening. The interaction between Geneth and the high lords, his subtle influence on major events, and the regal, amusing tone of the narration make this fan fiction a must-read.

The Game of Thrones

Geneth might be less known, but he greatly influences the Game of Thrones. He gives advice to Ned Stark, whose decisions largely shape the future of his house. When Geneth saves a member of House Stark from a pack of wolves, the ripples it creates in the storyline is felt throughout the timelines of the original story.

Lady Catelyn Stark secondly hears about Geneth and his deeds. This triggers a series of events, altering her decisions, subsequently the fate of House Stark itself. The inclusion of the shepherd character in this popular fantasy story offers a fresh perspective to look into the war-torn world of Westeros.

Prediction and Influence

Geneth is blessed with the ability to interpret dreams and signs, which he attributes to the old gods of the forest. His interpretations influence his decisions and interactions with the key figures, thus making him an important part of Westeros politics without him realising it.

On the other hand, the elite of Westeros realise the potential of his ability. They mistake him for a witch or an oracle, and hence try to acquire his service for their political advantage. However, Geneth, being a simpleton, does not realise his importance and remains a tool in the hands of the mighty houses.

The Shepherd

Despite playing an influential role, Geneth never gains power or wealth. He continues to remain a shepherd and contributes to the narration by showcasing the subtler, day-to-day aspects of life in Westeros that are not as heavily focused on in the original series.

Poverty, hunger, disease, and the common folk’s hardships during wars form an integral part of Geneth's life. His experience shows a different perspective to the readers, away from the courts, knights, and high politics.


Although this storyline is not from the official works of George R.R. Martin, it gives his world more depth. The story is a breath of fresh air amid heavy political intrigues and battles. It reminds us that in the game of thrones, when high lords play their power games, the commonfolk also shows that notable figures in history are not always kings, queens, or knights. Sometimes, they can be humble folk like a shepherd.

Common Q&A

Q: Would Geneth's character fit into the world of A Song of Ice and Fire? A: Absolutely. His humble beginnings, as well as his influence on crucial figures and events, make him a fascinating addition to the series.

Q: Would his dream interpretation abilities give him too much power in altering the story? A: Not necessarily. Even though his abilities might seem significant, his lack of ambition keeps him grounded.

Q: Does this narrative give more depth to the Game of Thrones? A: Absolutely. It highlights the often-ignored lives and struggles of the commonfolk.


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