Haven duke and audrey fanfiction


Having been bestowed with supernatural abilities often referred to as "the Troubles," Haven resident Duke Crocker and FBI Agent Audrey Parker have had a myriad of adventures throughout their journey in Haven, Maine. As a testimony to their gripping tale, this fanfiction recreates their roller coaster of emotions and adventures.

The essence of their relationship grows stronger, solidified by their shared devotion to unravel the mysteries of Haven. As both are outside observers to the town's strange happenings, their outsiderness brings them closer, making their bond deeper and more palpitable.

Haven duke and audrey fanfiction

Haven - A Special Town & Its Supernatural Inhabitants

The small coastal town of Haven, Maine, is no ordinary place. It teems with a breed of "Troubled" inhabitants - everyday folk who also happen to possess supernatural abilities. Duke and Audrey are two such individuals, their unique abilities often making them the beacon of balance in a topsy-turvy town.

Duke, being a long-time resident, has grown up in the town fully aware of its special residents. Audrey, on the other hand, stumbles upon this magical world with no prior knowledge of what lies ahead, her fresh perspective adding a new dimension to their adventures.

Audrey Parker �The Reluctant FBI Agent

Audrey's arrival in town kick-starts the captivating tale. As an FBI agent sent to investigate a routine case in Haven, she is completely unaware of the supernatural activities lurking beneath the town's quiet exterior. However, her pragmatic approach and relentless dedication to justice make her a pivotal character in this unfolding tale.

Her scepticism surrounding the supernatural adds a unique angle to the narrative. Although Audrey is initially a non-believer, she gradually accepts the reality of the Troubles, making her journey to acceptance a subplot in itself.

Duke Crocker �The Unpredictable Smuggler

If Audrey is the epitome of pragmatism and dedication, Duke is her perfect foil �a reluctant hero, capricious and armed with a razor-sharp wit. As a town resident with a murky past, Duke finds himself embroiled in the supernatural madness of Haven, eventually becoming a reluctant saviour alongside Audrey.

Duke's acceptance of his fate once he becomes a Troubled being provides us with an intriguing contrast to Audrey's skepticism. Despite his initial refusal to engage with the events, Duke's development into a crucial character of the story, adds an interesting layer to the plot.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

While battling the Troubles in Haven, Duke and Audrey also engage in an emotional tug of war. Their relationship, though initiated on a professional basis, evolves into a complex dynamic, peppered with romantic tensions and bouts of assistance.

The twists and turns through heartbreak and reconciliation, the moments of solace and chaos, lead to a deepening romantic and emotional involvement, making them iconic characters of this shared universe.

Making of an Iconic Duo

As the story progresses, the chemistry and bond between Audrey and Duke turn them into an iconic duo. Their teamwork often saves the town, and they become a beacon of hope for the troubled residents of Haven.

Their relationship evolves along with the series, and their push-and-pull dynamics keep the audience captivated. Despite the numerous obstacles, their deep connection and commitment to solving the Haven mysteries keep them intertwined.


The evolution of Haven's Duke and Audrey forms the backbone of the series. As their journey progresses, they become emblematic figures within the context of the town’s supernatural world. Trapped in a small town with eccentric behaviour and abnormal functions, their relationship often serves as the beacon of sanity and steadfastness in a town that often loses its bearing. Duke and Audrey have the love and loyalty of the Haven's audience, and this fanfiction is a tribute to their brilliance.


1. Q: Is Haven based on a true story?
A: Haven is actually based on Stephen King's novel, "The Colorado Kid," which is a work of fiction.

2. Q: Do Audrey Parker and Duke Crocker end up together?
A: Without revealing too much, Audrey and Duke share a close bond, which often inches towards romantic tension. However, their relationship evolution is part of what makes the series so intriguing.

3. Q: Was Haven cancelled?
A: Yes, Haven was cancelled after five successful seasons.


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