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Duke Crocker and Audrey Parker, two of the main characters in Haven, have an intriguing relationship. Rife with tension, charm and occasional tender moments, their dynamic forms an essential part of the show. This fanfiction attempts to explore the depths of Duke and Audrey's relationship beyond what the series portrays.

The Arrival

Upon Audrey's arrival in the town of Haven, Duke was one of the first residents she encountered. He was the mysterious, charming boat owner who had a knack for trouble. While suspicious of his activities, Audrey couldn't deny the allure his charismatic personality held.

Haven fanfiction duke audrey

As the fanfic progresses, Duke's cautious welcome of Audrey into his life changes as he begins to empathize with her outsider status. It's a shared understanding that brings them closer and sets the stage for their intricate relationship.

The Ties That Bind

With Audrey's arrival in Haven, Duke's life becomes entwined with hers in unexpected ways. The Troubles, a hereditary curse inflicting the residents of Haven with strange, supernatural abilities, form a significant challenge for both Duke and Audrey to combat.

Duke, as a vital subject of the Troubles himself, works side by side with Audrey to resolve them. Their partnership is one borne out of necessity that eventually evolves into an undeniable bond, which is beautifully explored in this fanfic.

The Revelation

A considerable arc of the fanfic is the revelation about Audrey's true identity and her connection with the Troubles. Audrey struggles to comprehend her responsibility towards Haven while grappling with the revelation's impact on her relationship with Duke.

Simultaneously, Duke's inner struggle with his Troubles, his evolving feelings for Audrey and his attempts to protect her form an intense narrative arc explored through beautifully written scenes.

Conflicts and Resolutions

The fanfic doesn't shy away from exploring the conflicts between Duke and Audrey. Whether its Duke's fluctuating loyalty or Audrey trying to balance her personal life with her role as Haven's savior, the story keeps the readers hooked.

However, the resolutions often lead to moments of emotional intimacy between Duke and Audrey, bringing them closer than ever. Their whispered conversations, shared smiles and the quiet understanding glimpsed in their eyes portray their bond vividly.

The End? Or a New Beginning?

The fanfic reaches its climax with a final confrontation between Duke, Audrey and the Troubles. Their decisions, sacrifices and the aftermath form the core of the ending.

The conclusion, although bittersweet, hints at a continuity. Audrey and Duke's dynamic being left open to interpretation, it might be an end or perhaps the start of their new journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this fanfiction follow Duke and Audrey's arcs as in the original series?

While the fanfiction draws inspiration from the series, it contains unique plot twists and extrapolations that diverge from the original arcs to enrich their relationship dynamic.

Will there be other characters from the series in the fanfiction?

Yes, other characters from Haven do make appearances, but the focus remains primarily on Duke and Audrey.

Is there a chance of a sequel to this fanfiction?

The ending remains open-ended, and a sequel is possible, depending on audience reception and the author's discretion.


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