How i met my husband when i was divoced fanfiction


I was a divorcee, about 35 years old, burdened with a career and a family to feed. My 14-year-old daughter was a handful, my 5-year-old son was a rascal, and my 2-year-old son still needed his pacifier. Sometimes the nights felt longer, lost in the endless chores but little did I know that life had a surprise for me. This is the story of how I met Henry, my husband.

Life After Divorce

Life after divorce seemed a little off, there was a strange loneliness that followed me around. I always had a lingering feeling of being incomplete. I started socializing more, trying to fill the emptiness. Then, quite unexpectedly, Henry entered my life.

How i met my husband when i was divoced fanfiction

It was essential to find a suitable partner, someone lenient not only towards me but to my children as well. Henry was just that, he was patient, understanding, and most importantly, he loved my children like his own.

The Online Dating Scene

I was oblivious to the concept of online dating. However, my best friend, Rose, introduced me to it. She suggested a newly launched application namely 'Hitched', designed specifically for divorcees to meet potential partners.

'Hitched' provided an atmosphere of understanding that people in our position needed. Upon registering, I was matched with various people, and after some time, I came across Henry's profile. His profile reflected a warm personality. I decided to take a leap of faith and initiated a conversation.

Initial Conversations

Our first conversations were casual, discussing our experiences and life after divorce. But with time, we started addressing more personal issues, like our kids, and soon we found a comfortable rhythm in our conversations.

Henry was a widower with a daughter. This mutual aspect of our lives allowed us to connect on a level that we didn't expect.

First Face-to-Face Meeting

After several weeks of talking, Henry suggested meeting in person. We decided on a local coffee shop as our meeting place. I was nervous but excited.

He was there first and greeted me with a warm smile. We spoke for hours, everything felt so natural and effortless. That day, comfort found a new meaning in Henry's presence.

Introducing Henry To My Children

Since my kids were a major part of my life, introducing Henry to them was crucial. I explained they would be meeting a friend, trying to make it as casual as possible.

Henry clicked with them instantly. The sight of him patiently listening to my two-year-old's nonsense babbles and laughing at my five-year-old's pranks lifted a weight off my shoulders.

Children's Acceptance

After several meetings, my children started looking forward to Henry's visits. My daughter, initially a little skeptical, eventually confided to me that she liked Henry. That was the moment I knew that Henry was the one.

Culmination Into Marriage

After two years of dating, Henry proposed. We decided to have a small wedding with just our children and close friends.

Years have passed, not a day goes by when I'm not grateful for having met Henry. Life after divorce has its challenges, but it also leads to fresh starts. And my fresh start was Henry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Was it easy to trust someone after your divorce? Trusting someone after a divorce is undoubtedly challenging. However, life goes on. It took time, but eventually, I was able to trust again.

2. How was your online dating experience? Online dating was a new experience. It had its ups and downs, but ultimately, it led me to meet Henry.

3. How did your children adjust to the new person in your life? I was lucky to have Henry, who built a meaningful bond with my children. They took some time to adjust, but the transition was smooth overall.


This story is based on personal experiences and doesn't require professional references.

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