How i met my husband when i was pregnant fanfiction


There is a quote by Robert Brau that says “Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be fish.�My love story might not be conventional, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful, or any less true. A story of how I met my husband when I was pregnant. Yes, you heard right! And let me tell you, love often comes to us when we least expect it.

Waiting for my Appointment

Eight months pregnant with my daughter, I was waiting for my gynecology appointment. I was fearful, overwhelmed, and carrying an emotional baggage as well as the physical one. The father of my child had abandoned us and I was left alone to deal with the situation. At a time when I thought a happy ever after was far from sight, I was wrong.

How i met my husband when i was pregnant fanfiction

While in the waiting room, there was a man frantically flipping through a parenting magazine with a confused and scared expression. I was curious, so I approached him. He was there with his pregnant sister, scared to death about becoming an uncle, oblivious of how to handle kids or what to do for them.

What Sparked My Interest

Initially, it was his sheer terror towards babies that sparked my interest. The fact that he was making an effort to understand and learn was endearing. His dedication towards his to-be niece or nephew was so pure and genuine that caught my attention.

Despite my own worries, I found myself putting his fears at ease, showing him the basics and assuring him that like anything else in life, parenting or being an uncle is a learning process too. The whole situation was ironically humorous and captivating. His relatable anxiety, his eager-to-try demeanor and his sincerity were the qualities that drew me towards him.

Constant Communication

We started chatting through WhatsApp following the initial meeting, sharing our experiences, fears, and hopes. The application didn’t just allow us to have constant communication but a semblance of connection that we both yearned in during our stressful times. WhatsApp provided a platform where physical presence wasn't necessary to create a supportive environment.

A sense of friendship and connection sparked through engaging conversations, funny incidents, sharing our daily life dramas and endless discussions about babies of course. Our bond grew stronger each day, so much so that he would accompany me to my hospital appointments.

Falling in Love

Gradually, I found myself falling for him. The kindness, the understanding, the sincerity, and his compassionate nature were surreal. The way he would talk to my belly, tell stories, the way he understood me, made me feel loved and cherished. My daughter first kicked while he was talking to her, that was the very moment I felt a pull towards him that can't be described in words.

It was scary given my situation, yet it felt right. There was a magical pull I couldn’t resist. It was love, growing amidst the chaos, confusion, and fears. It was a love that felt right- even though circumstances could argue otherwise.

Accepting our bond

After a few weeks, we confessed our feelings for each other. An unusual situation yet feels so right. He confronted me saying he also felt a deep connection with me. We both realised that apart from friendship, there were feelings of love tangled in the chaotic moment.

We accepted our feelings and promised to stand by each other despite the complications. He accepted my unborn child with open arms and promised to give her the love of a father.

Our Final Resolution

One day, he proposed. It wasn’t a surprise as we had been dropping hints for a while. We decided to get married after the baby was born as we agreed to make sure our connection was not just because of the pregnancy but because of our love for each other.

Q: How did you start talking to him? A: We started texting each other through WhatsApp after our initial meeting in the clinic. Q: When did you realize he was more than a friend to you? A: My daughter first kicked while he was talking to her, that was the very moment I felt a pull towards him that couldn't be described in words, it was a different kind of love. Q: How did he propose? A: One day, he just confessed that he couldn't imagine his life without us and proposed for marriage after our baby was born. Q: Wouldn’t the situation be awkward at times? A: Of course, there were times when things got awkward with my pregnancy and all. But we both were understanding and patient with each other. Q: When did you finally decide to marry? A: We decided to get married after the baby was born.


And that's how I met my husband when I was expecting another man's child. I believe that everything happens for a reason; sometimes life doesn’t take you where you wanted to go, but it leads you where you’re meant to be. We are now a blessed family of three and look forward to our journey together.

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