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The CBS sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother' achieved wide acclaim for its novel plot structure, diverse characters, and elaborate storytelling methods. There have been speculations, revelations, and new angles to existing stories, all of which make up an intricate tapestry of tales surrounding the main characters. One such character who never fails to surprise is Barney Stinson. Known for his womanizing ways and suits, Barney is full of secrets, some of which I will discuss in this fanfiction: 'Barney's Secret'. In uncovering these secrets, we might just discover another facet of Barney that we did not know existed.

The Secret Plan

The story opens after the finale of the show, Barney being an enigmatic character, holds a grand secret plan. He has been working with an app called "LimoTracker," a clever play on Barney's love for hiring limos and tracking his rendezvous. This app provides Barney with a detailed analysis of his nightly adventures, aiding him in his grand design.

How i met your mother fanfiction barney secret

The app, despite its seemingly frivolous purpose, is actually quite powerful. It uses a combination of GPS tracking, social media integration, and a sophisticated algorithm to assess Barney's nightlife efficiency. The developers of the app maintain a light-hearted tone throughout, making usage of the app an enjoyable experience for its users.

The Intervention

However, Barney's friends, concerned about his unusual activities, decide to stage an intervention, suspecting he might be slipping into his old habits. The sit down in MacLaren's pub, reminiscing their younger days, and expressing their worries about Barney's secretive behavior.

Surprisingly, Barney anticipates the intervention and brings with him "LimoTracker" analysis as a defense. He explains with a twinkle in his eye, putting to rest his friends' worries and inspiring a sense of curiosity among them.

The Unveiling

The big reveal comes when Barney unveils his secret project, a platform for single parents to find potential partners who are comfortable with children in their lives. Barney shows them the coding he has done, the partnerships he has made with dating sites and matchmaking services, and most fascinatingly, the use of "LimoTracker" data.

He explains that his nights out and seemingly frivolous deeds were all in the name of research and data collection - a different kind of 'Playbook', so to speak. The anticipation and surprise add to the humor and drama of the plot, creating a classic 'How I Met Your Mother' sense of revelation.

The Reaction

The friends, initially doubtful, respond with applause and heartfelt congratulations, appreciating the change this indicates in Barney. Lily cries, Marshall jokes about patent law, Robin gives a sardonic salute, and Ted, the eternal idealist, praises the concept passionately, all acknowledging Barney's growth into a responsible person.

The chapter ends with Barney, his secret plan exposed and appreciated, celebrating with his friends over drinks. It's a new chapter in their lives, an affirmation of their enduring friendship, and a testament to the growth and development of Barney Stinson.


Ending on a satisfying note, the story showcases a more meaningful and mature side of Barney. Using technology, wit, and a secret plan, this fan fiction incorporates all the key elements of 'How I Met Your Mother' while showcasing a worthy development in Barney's character.

As for the app, "LimoTracker," it is a clever integration into the story. The humor and playfulness of the app fit well with Barney's character, and the use of this in his secret plan was both surprising and fitting.


Q: What is the role of the "LimoTracker" app in the story?
A: The "LimoTracker" app is a data collection tool used by Barney in his secret plan, providing an enjoyable twist to the reality of Barney's supposed 'playboy' lifestyle.

Q: Is this fanfiction canon?
A: As a fanfiction, it is not part of the official storyline released by the creators of 'How I Met Your Mother'. It offers a fresh viewpoint and conjectures what could have happened after the series finale.

Q: Does Barney release his dating platform?
A: In the story, Barney reveals this project to his friends, we assume he launches it successfully later. However, as a fanfiction, it's up to the reader's discretion to continue the narrative.


No references to be added as this is a work of fanfiction, inspired by the characters of 'How I Met Your Mother'.

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