How many works are on

2024-04-18, founded in the late nineties, is one of the oldest and largest fan fiction archives on the internet. The site allows anyone to publish stories based on existing books, movies, television series, and other types of media. Over the years, has become a nurturing platform for amateur authors to freely express their creativity and hone their writing skills. The following elaboration focuses on determining the volume of works hosted by this vast online archive.

The Colossal Collection of Fan Works

As of now, the data on the exact number of works featured on is dynamic and continuously growing. However, up till now, this platform boasts of having published millions of fan works, making it one of the largest virtual libraries in the world.

How many works are on

Over different timelines, the number of stories in each category has increased immensely. For instance, the "Harry Potter" category alone holds more than 800,000 stories, while the "Twilight" category contains over 200,000 fan works.'s Incredible Range

Considering the categories, covers an extensive range of over 30 diverse areas, including Anime, Books, Cartoons, Comics, Games, Miscellaneous, Movies, Plays, TV Shows, etc. Each category carries thousands to hundreds of thousands of fan works.

According to statistical records, "Anime/Manga" is the most productive area, contributing the highest number of fan works. It's followed by "Books," "TV Shows," "Movies," and "Games," respectively.

The Trend of Cross-overs nurtures an innovative feature of mixing various fandoms, often referred to as cross-overs. Many authors experiment by merging different characters and settings to create unique stories. It significantly boosts the site's creative content and adds more to the overall number of works.

As of the latest data check, contained thousands of cross-over stories. Indeed, this innovative trend is widespread, creating a diverse landscape of blended fandoms on the site.

Authors and their Contributions

While it's challenging to ascertain the exact amount of authors on, it clearly hosts thousands of them, contributing every day to the overall volume of works. The number of stories an author can submit is unlimited, allowing a constant accumulation of works.

The sheer number of authors also encourage a wide array of writing styles and genres, from romance and action to horror and humor, making a unique conglomerate of diverse creative expressions.

International Entries encourages submissions in numerous languages, thus possessing an international collection of stories. While the majority of works are in English, the collection spans many other languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and more. This multi-linguistic feature further augments the number of fan works on the site.

Quality of Works

The quality of works on can vary vastly. With freedom of expression being a crucial factor, stories range from implausibly fascinating to mediocre, depending on the author's skill. Irrespective of quality, all contributions are factored into the total count of works on the site.

Popularity of

With its wide range and massive collection, continues to attract hundreds of thousands of authors and readers daily, contributing to its growing popularity. The increasing number of visitors also influences the total number of works.

App Review also boasts a mobile application that offers users a more portable way to explore and create stories. Like the site, the app does not give an exact count of the works, but it offers access to all the categories and works therein.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many works are there on A: The exact number is continuously growing, but it is safe to say that there are millions of fan works.

Q: What are the most popular categories? A: The most populated categories are Anime/Manga, Books, TV Shows, Movies, and Games.

Q: Does feature stories in languages other than English? A: Yes, features fan works in many languages worldwide, including Spanish, French, German, and more.


While it's challenging to pin down an exact number of works on, it's safe to say that the site accommodates millions of fan-created stories across various categories and languages. It stands as a testament to the colossal creativity of fans worldwide, continuously growing with the ever-increasing contributions.

Please note that the numbers provided can fluctuate and will continue to expand as the site keeps growing. has not provided any official report or count detailing the exact number of fan works. Therefore, all counts discussed in this article are estimated based on information available throughout various sources as of the present moment.

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