How to copy and paste from

2024-04-16 is a website and application that provides a sanctuary for book lovers. It allows its users to publicly share their favourite stories by copying and pasting them from other platforms. However, for the uninitiated, performing such tasks can be a bit intricate. This guide will show you how to copy and paste stories from in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

Delving into the Essentials

Before heading towards the series of steps, it’s important that users affirm to respect the source author's copyrights. The essence of the copy-paste protocol primarily revolves around testimonials or backups rather than plagiarism. Plus, ensure you have your preferred document formatting software on your device, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

How to copy and paste from

Desktop Procedures

To start with, access the via a web browser. Navigate to the story you hope to copy, click on it, and open it in a new tab. Secondly, click anywhere in the text to highlight it. Use the keyboard shortcuts 'CTRL + C' for copying and 'CTRL + V' for pasting on Windows. For Mac users, 'Command + C' and 'Command + V' respectively.

Using the App also offers an app, which essentially provides similar functionality as their website. To copy a story from the app, select the story text, press for a few seconds until the copy option appears. 'Tap' to copy and paste it onto your device. While the app provides convenient browsing, copying can be more challenging as compared to a desktop due to handling limitations.

Employing Additional Tools

There are certain tools such as FanFicFare that can simplify this process. This software can download fanfiction in various formats suitable for e-readers. Moreover, users may resort to copy-pasting tools like Ditto, Clipboard Manager, and CopyQ. These utilities allow easy switching between different content and hence, facilitate smoother copy-pasting.

Understanding Limitations

It's worth noting that some stories on have copy-protection which prevents users from copying the text. Therefore, respect the author's wishes and avoid violating their rights. If you must have the story offline, consider reaching out to the author and politely asking for permission or a copy.


Q: I can't copy text from a story, what should I do?
A: The author may have implemented copy-protection. If you want an offline copy, try to ask the author for permission.

Q: Is it legal to copy and paste stories from
A: Copying and pasting for personal use or backup is usually acceptable. However, sharing it without the author's consent could result in copyright infringement.

Q: Does has an app?
A: Yes, its application is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


The steps towards mastering the art of copying and pasting from can be achieved with patience and practice. While the processes might seem convoluted initially, the more frequently you do it, the more adept you become. Just remember to respect the rights of content owners and only use it for legally justifiable purposes.


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