What fanfiction trope are you


Are you a seasoned fanfiction reader, endlessly scrolling through AO3 or in the midnight hours? Or perhaps you are an aspiring writer, looking out to understand the intricacies of fanfiction tropes. Whatever your reason may be, this piece aims to dissect the most popular fanfiction tropes and somehow align them to your personality. Find out more about you are as a fanfiction trope from the following aspects:

1. Enemy to Lovers

If you're constantly walking on the fine line between love and hate, seeking thrilling tension, powerful emotional release and profound character development, the enemy-to-lovers trope might be your jam. These stories, often packed with confrontation and dramatic confessions, mirror intense and passionate individuals who are prepared to face their emotional turmoil despite its challenging nature.

What fanfiction trope are you

Take Draco and Hermione from Harry Potter—a classic pairing in this trope. Often seen clashing in intense debates or secrets glances, they perfectly illustrate the dramatic dynamic of this trope. If you tilt towards these high-stakes emotional dramas, you might be an enemy-to-lovers trope personality.

2. Friends-to-Lovers

If you're someone who favors gradual progression over instant fireworks, the friends-to-lovers trope might be more you. Long conversations, shared secrets, cozy hangouts—this trope narrates the subtlety of developing feelings within the comfort zone of friendship. The beauty is in the journey of familiar becoming more than familiar; the ordinary turning into something extraordinary.

In essence, if you're someone who appreciates deep emotional connection and slow-burn kind of love, you might be represented by this trope. Remember Jim and Pam from The Office? Their tale of falling in love after years of friendship beautifully encapsulates this trope's essence.

3. Coffee Shop/Bakery AU

If your idea of a dream date is casual conversation over a cup of coffee or a sweet treat, the coffee shop or bakery AU trope might define you best. Popular in fanfiction as a modern alternate universe setup, these stories are sweet, lovely, and often centered on the theme of serendipity or 'meeting by chance.'

Underneath the aroma of coffee and freshly-baked pastries, we see heartwarming connections, shy smiles, and burgeoning feelings. It's for those who enjoy the simple everyday joys of life. If you find comfort in these small moments of happiness, then you might resonate with this trope.

4. Mundane AU

Are you someone who prefers profound conversations over grand adventures? If yes, then mundane AU might just fit your personality right. The beauty of this trope lies in focusing on every day, realistic scenarios rather than explosions, adventures or other fantastical elements. It brings forth the slow comfort of daily life, the challenge of regular struggles, and the sweet simplicity of the everyday.

Mundane AU celebrates the ordinary and finds beauty in all aspects of daily life. By stripping characters of their superpowers or regal standings, it portrays them in a more relatable and human way. If you are someone who celebrates the little victories, then mundane AU is your trope.

5. Time-Travel

Those who are deeply philosophical, inquisitive, and dare to challenge the course of time may find a kindred spirit in the time-travel trope. These stories often entail the thrill of unpredictability, deep introspection, and the blurring of past, present, and future.

If you wish to change past mistakes or yearn to sneak a peak into the future, you might resonate with the time-travel trope. The Time-Turner episodes of Harry Potter offer a vivid exploration of this trope.

6. Hurt/Comfort

If you believe that it's only in our darkest hours that we may discover the full potential of light, then Hurt/Comfort may be your trope. This trope navigates through the terrain of emotional or physical pain and the subsequent healing process. It's about bringing solace, picking up the pieces, and finding hope amidst despair.

If you are empathetic, nurturing, and believe in healing together, then you'll resonate most with the Hurt/Comfort trope. Famous examples in this trope include Tony Stark and Peter Parker in the Marvel Universe, navigating their shared grief and finding comfort in each other.


1. Where can I find fanfictions?
Fanfictions are widely available on platforms like Archive of Our Own (AO3),, and Wattpad.
2. Can anyone write a fanfiction?
Yes, anyone can write fanfiction! These platforms are open for anyone to share their stories.
3. Are these tropes limited to certain fandoms?
No, these tropes are not limited to any particular fandom. They can be found across a variety of stories, be it about movies, books, animes, or even real-life personalities.

In conclusion, exploring these fanfiction tropes offers not only inherent enjoyment but also a deeper self-understanding. Whether you crave intense emotions or cherish everyday simplicity, there is a corresponding fanfiction trope waiting for you. So, what fanfiction trope are you?


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