What is the best harry potter fanfiction


Harry Potter fanfiction is a testament to the undying passion and creativity of J.K. Rowling's fanbase. However, deciding on the best Harry Potter fanfiction can be as daunting as choosing a wand at Ollivander's, given the wide variety of perspectives and storylines crafted by countless talented writers. Let's delve into some of the qualities that set the best fanfictions apart: originality, well-developed characters, compelling plotlines, high-quality writing, and more.

1. Originality

The best Harry Potter fanfiction stories show creativity and originality. They venture beyond the canon to explore alternate storylines, outcomes, and characters' untold personal experiences while staying true to the fundamental essence of the original series.

What is the best harry potter fanfiction

Some impressive works in this category include "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality," a playfully insightful story that reimagines Harry as a child genius, and "Prince of the Dark Kingdom," an epic tale in which Voldemort has triumphed over Harry, leading to a completely transformed Wizarding World.

2. Characters and Relationships

Good fanfiction delves deeper into the characters, adding layers and dimensions that are not explored in the original series. It being effective in studying relationships between characters, showcasing both their growth and dynamics from different perspectives.

"Isolation," for example, highlights the unexpected relationship between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, providing an alternative perspective on these characters and their interactions in the midst of war. In the same vein, "Applied Cultural Anthropology, or," explores Hermione's character and her relationship with the Slytherins.

3. Intriguing Plot

Engaging plotlines that keep readers on the edge of their seats are a key quality of the best fanfiction. Plots can vary greatly, from action-packed adventures to emotional dramas, mystery-filled thrillers, or even comedies.

Stories like "Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin" and "Delenda Est" excel in this aspect, offering unique plot arcs and twists that diverge from the original, yet still make sense within the realm of the Harry Potter universe.

4. Quality of Writing

The quality of writing also separates the wheat from the chaff in fanfiction. The best stories are well-written, showcasing the author’s writing skills and ability to convey their imaginations eloquently.

"The Pure and Simple Truth" is a notable example for its beautiful prose, engaging dialogue, and thoughtful exploration of complex themes. "Draco Dormiens," the first part of Cassandra Clare's Draco Trilogy, is also praised for its polished writing style.

5. Novel Themes and Genres

The best Harry Potter fanfiction stories offer different themes and genres that were not heavily explored in the original series. This may include political intrigue, psychological drama, dark humor, or even romance.

Examples such as "The Sum of Their Parts" delve into political themes as Harry and his friends navigate the harsh, post-war political landscape of the Wizarding World. Additionally, "Aurelian" takes on a psychological approach by focusing on the character of Lily Luna Potter.

6. Narrative Style and Perspective

Great fanfiction often takes creative liberties with narration and perspective. Some authors choose to tell the story from a different character's perspective, offering fresh insights and observations that change our understanding of events and characters.

"Cauterize," for instance, is told from the perspective of Daily Prophet photographer Dennis Creevey, who captures the aftermath of the Second Wizarding War. This offers readers a fresh, non-central perspective on familiar events.

7. Accuracy of Canon

Exemplary fanfiction maintains a balance between creativity and adherence to canon. Stories should be imaginative but still fit logically within the pre-established 'laws' of the HP universe.

Works like "Backwards with Purpose" and "Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past" stay true to the original story's spirit while carving their own path.

8. Platforms for Fanfiction

Fanfiction platforms play a crucial role in cultivating a community of writers and readers. They provide the technology that allows fan works to be published, read, and critiqued. These platforms also categorize works based on characters, tags, relationships, and ratings for ease of use.

Two popular platforms are FanFiction.Net and Archive of Our Own (AO3). Fanfiction.Net is known for its simplicity and ease of navigation, while AO3 offers more flexible tagging and filtering options, making it ideal for finding more specific types of fanfiction. Both have a massive collection of Harry Potter fan fictions, making them essential resources for avid fans.


Q: What is Harry Potter fanfiction?
A: Harry Potter fanfiction refers to stories written by Harry Potter fans that continue, alter, or build on the world and characters of the Harry Potter series.

Q: What makes a good Harry Potter fanfiction?
A: Good Harry Potter fanfiction is characterized by creativity, compelling plotlines, well-developed characters, high-quality writing, and adherence to the original 'Harry Potter' universe.

Q: Where can I find Harry Potter fanfiction?
A: Harry Potter fanfiction can be found on dedicated platforms like FanFiction.Net and Archive of Our Own (AO3).


Picking the best Harry Potter fanfiction can be a personalized and subjective experience, with different readers drawn to different elements, from the characters and relationships to the storyline and writing style. The above aspects provide some guiding criteria to discover your favorite fanfiction. After all, as Dumbledore said, it's our choices that show what we truly are.


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