How i met your mother barney and ellie fanfiction


The air was lively at MacLaren's Pub, laughter echoed and glasses clinked. No one would suspect that here, amidst the night's revelries, an unexpected meeting was about to occur. Granted, unexpected meetings were commonplace for Barney Stinson, a regular at the pub. However, this particular meeting stood out because the woman he met was Ellie, who was not just any woman, but a woman apparently immune to 'The Playbook'. Also, he was supposed to be a changed man, engaged to Robin.

Barney, as usual, was initiating his move with the legendary line, "Haaave you met me?" As the words left his mouth, he realized that it was not working. Thoroughly taken aback, he attempted another of his classic moves but struck out again. It was evident that Ellie was disconcerting him in a way no woman had before.

How i met your mother barney and ellie fanfiction

Chapter 2: Teasing Ellie

Ellie was unimpressed by Barney's attempts to woo her. The humorous and sometimes cringe-worthy pickup lines made her chuckle, but she was undeterred. She felt nothing for Barney, something that flabbergasted him. Moreover, she was remarkably upfront as she told him, 'I am not interested'.

But if there was one thing Barney knew, it was never to back down. He was taken by Ellie's assertiveness and, somewhere deep down, the challenge she presented. Barney Stinson loved a good challenge. He teased her, nicknamed her 'Ellie the Impenetrable', and even though he knew how ridiculous it sounded, he had declared war.

Chapter 3: The Unfolding Game

Their interactions were nothing like what Barney was used to: no strings attached, pure fun and mind games. Barney, out of habit, would drop one of his 'truth bombs', expecting Ellie to gasp or blink. Instead, she would retaliate with a truth bomb of her own. It was fascinating. This back-and-forth banter created an atmosphere rich in amusement and anticipation.

They soon realized that they enjoyed each other's company. It was not the romantic kind of enjoyment but the type of amusement felt when engaging in an intense match of wits. Friendship blossomed between them, based on mutual respect and admiration.

Chapter 4: The Emotional Conflict

Amidst his fascination with Ellie, Barney was conflicted. He had a gut feeling that Robin wouldn't appreciate his newfound friendship despite its platonic nature. He felt guilty, like he was betraying her friend. The stress was increasingly troublesome, and it had a profound effect on Barney. His normally chirpy persona was replaced with a certain degree of seriousness.

Ellie, being a sympathetic woman, noticed his unease. She approached him and said, "If this is causing you trouble, we can stop." She meant it, but Barney knew better. He couldn't let this friendship dissolve just like that. Henceforth, he was stuck in an emotional tug-of-war between his commitment to Robin and his friendship with Ellie.


The story of Barney and Ellie is not a story of love, but a story of friendship built on respect and admiration. They find an intellectual satisfaction in their encounters which proves to be entertaining for them and for the fans of 'How I Met Your Mother'. The tale is filled with humour and emotional turmoil, much like the original series.


Q: Does Barney eventually marry Robin? A: Yes, Barney does marry Robin. However, they do end up getting divorced.

Q: Who does Barney end up with? A: Barney ends up with a daughter, Ellie, who changes his life completely. He remains single in terms of relationship.

Q: Who is Ellie in How I Met Your Mother? A: Ellie is Barney's daughter, whose birth changes Barney's life completely, making him a devoted father.


- 'How I Met Your Mother', series by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

- 'The Playbook: Suit up. Score Chicks. Be Awesome', a book by Barney Stinson and Matt Kuhn.

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