How i met your mother fanfiction barney doctor


The hit television show "How I Met Your Mother" had its share of wacky, original stories and characters. One of these characters is Barney Stinson, a corporate engineer by day and an incorrigible party animal by night. But what if this likable loner had taken a professional detour? What if instead of donning a corporate suit, he had worn a doctor's coat? In this fan fiction piece, we explore the possibility of Barney Stinson in the medical world.

1. The Prolific Playboy Turned Doctor

In this alternate universe, Barney Stinson, instead of spinning elaborate schemes to win over women, is a skilled surgeon at St. Cloud Hospital. He’s still as suave and charming as ever, but his manipulation tactics are not for amorous conquests but for saving lives on the operating table.

How i met your mother fanfiction barney doctor

His legendary catchphrase, "Suit up!", has understandably morphed into, "Scrub up!". The character's wit, charisma and flair for the dramatic still radiate, even under the harsh, sterile operating room lights. Barney's love interest, Robin, is not a reporter but a feisty nurse who consistently challenges Barney's outrageous claims.

2. The Bro Code: Medical Edition

In this fanfiction narrative, the famed 'Bro Code', as authored by Barney, takes on a new form. It is now a humorous, often incredibly exaggerated medical manual, filled with Barney's favorite surgical techniques, as well as questionable tips and tricks for surviving in a demanding medical environment.

The book, although loosely based on actual medical facts, is largely filled with Barney's side-splitting anecdotes, quirky diagrams and formulas promising to turn even the most clueless student into a fully-fledged doctor overnight. It is, of course, met with both uproarious laughter and stern reprimands from his colleagues and superiors.

3. The Humorous Interactions with the Gang

Barney's interactions with his friends, who are now medical professionals themselves, bring in a whole new level of sight gags and wordplay. Ted, an architect turned radiologist, often engages in banter with Barney over the aesthetics of organs captured in x-ray images.

Meanwhile, Marshall, a lawyer turned physiotherapist, and Lily, a kindergarten teacher turned pediatric nurse, each add their unique quirks to the mix, providing plenty of comedic fodder. The complex medical jargon only adds to the hilarity of the dialogues, with Barney often making outrageous puns and wisecracks.

4. Barney's Unconventional Approach to Medicine

Just as he spins outlandish tales and schemes in the original series, Doctor Barney often throws his colleagues for a loop with his unconventional and hands-on approach to patient care. His infamous 'plays' become remarkable diagnoses, often deduced through bizarre tests and procedures that are as amusing as they are ingenious.

The element of Barney's character that always works to his advantage, wherever he is, is his ability to manipulate a situation to benefit himself. This tenacity and versatility serve him well in the medical field, more than making up for his unconventional methods.


1. Is Barney a responsible doctor?

In this fanfiction world, absolutely! Though unconventional, his methods are effective, and his end goal is always patient well-being.

2. Does the medical setting take away from the comedy?

Not at all! In fact, it adds an extra layer of humor, using medical jargon and situational comedy to keep the audience entertained.

3. Does Barney maintain his womanizing ways?

Although Barney's charm is intact, in this universe, his focus is less on women and more on his job and camaraderie with his colleagues.


While this fanfiction narrative dips into the field of medicine as a backdrop, it retains the comedic essence of "How I Met Your Mother". It provides a fresh perspective on the characters we know and love, placing them in entirely new circumstances and professions while maintaining the humor, romance and friendship that are the core of the original series. So scrub up, folks, and enjoy another legendary tale of the Stinson charm!

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