May fanfiction


The seemingly ordinary, yet mysterious freshman named May, with her unorthodox approach to life, has captured the imagination of readers around the world. This fanfiction is penned down as a tribute to her unique charm, intelligence, and quiet resilience. The narrative explores multiple facets of her character, going beyond the normal realm.

May’s Personal History

Every character is shaped by their personal history. In this May fanfiction, her mysterious past is explored in depth. Despite the lack of precise details in the original story about her early life, this fanfic reveals a backdrop rich with trials and tribulations which has honed her into the person she is.

May fanfiction

Antagonist Emergence

Believing that a protagonist is only as good as their antagonist, this narrative introduces a new character. Sebastian is a suave, cunning senior who seeks to manipulate May's geometric prowess for nefarious means. His introduction unravels a new dimension of our protagonist, showcasing her ability to discern deceit and her fiery spirit when pushed to the edge.

Touch of Romance

While May is essentially a fan of geometry, there's no harm in adding a dash of romance to spice things up. A love triangle involving May, her best friend June, and the fresh transfer student, Jason creates a tension turmoil that tests friendships and unravels buried feelings.

Website Application: May’s Geometric World

As an homage to May's unique talent in discerning geometric patterns where nobody else can, a website application known as "May's Geometric World" gets launched within the narrative. The app entertains users with geometric puzzles and challenges, interlaced with fun trivias about the fictional universe.

May’s Interaction with Technology

The narrative explores May's interactions with technology as she solves engaging geometric puzzles on "May's Geometric World" and struggles to overcome the challenges planted by Sebastian. This not only lays the groundwork for a suspenseful plot but also examines the tech-reliant nature of today’s young generation.

Encountering Crisis

During the story, May faces a crisis that shakes her to the core. This crisis tests her strength, intelligence, and her resilience. Her ability to rise from the ashes showcases her robust character, embodying the true spirit of a heroine.

Resolution: A Chiliad of Triumph and Growth

Every great story has a climactic resolution. As May overcomes the crisis and saves her friends, she emerges as an even stronger and wise young woman. This story explores the climax with a dash of suspense, a lot of growth and a jubilant triumph.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this fanfiction canonical?
No, it is a fan interpretation and not officially recognized as part of the source material.

2. Why does the story focus on geometry?
May has a passion for geometry in the original story, and this fanfic builds upon that unique aspect of her character.

3. Will the story on "May's Geometric World" be continued?
Only time will tell, but the website application is essential to the plot and will feature in upcoming chapters.


The fictional character ‘May�and her fascination with geometry were the key catalysts to develop this narrative. While no existing literature or references exist around the character, her traits and the storyline were drawn from a set of diverse fan interpretations and collective fan imagination about her life, success, and challenges.

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